Something is afoot

Tulips bloom at Place d'Armes, Montreal May 2009.If Montreal can look like this in May, can spring be far off in April?

Tulips bloom at Place d’Armes, Montreal May 2009.
If Montreal can look like this in May, can spring be far off in April?

“It is a bright and chill early spring day.  The air is crisp but the earth is insistent…The wind is stiff and needling.  It still feels like winter, but spring itself is positive and determined.  Something is afoot, and it is festive and uncontrollable and undeniable.”
Julia Cameron

I’ve heard more than a little talk this year of firing Punxsutawney Phil; in fact, he has been indicted for “seasonal fraud” and one zealous Ohio attorney intends to seek the death penalty.  Phil had better stay underground for awhile and keep PETA on autodial.

Although I’m not one to blame the poor ground hog — we all make mistakes, don’t we? — I share the impatience for spring that comes whenever March goes “out like a lion” rather than a lamb.  But take heart!  Spring is toying with us and will show up eventually.  It will be all the more glorious for our long wait.  Never mind that I can look out my window and see snow on the ground today, even though I’m in southeastern Virginia.

Maybe we can do as Peter Pan begs the audience to do when Tinkerbell needs a rescue.  Let’s all repeat to ourselves: I believe in Spring!  Think of tulips, think of daffodils, think of lawns that need mowing and weeds springing up everywhere.  See — waiting isn’t all bad, is it?  I wish you a day filled with sunshine, or at least the anticipation of it!


  1. I believe in Spring! xo

    • So do I! I just know it will be here soon. Thanks for visiting here!

  2. I can imagine what spring means to you after the long, tiring winter. Can spring be far behind? No! Here we are waiting for the scorching summer after the cool winter. I just wish it will be bearable. Let our days be filled with sunlight of hope!

    • Do you get much of a spring or autumn between seasons? When we lived in San Antonio, Texas, the weather was one of the few things I didn’t like about living there. Summers were unbearably hot and dry – watering the lawn and garden was strictly controlled to only certain days, and winter was mostly cold, rainy and gray. No real spring or fall to compare with other places I had lived. But yes, the sunlight is a great blessing and on balance I think I would prefer the Texas climate to one that was gloomy and rainy all the time. Hope you have a wonderful day! Thanks for being here.

  3. Southeast Virginia got 15 inches of snow on March 26, 1971. I had taken sunny photos of my wife, in Colonial Williamsburg the day before. On this date, forty-two years ago, I plowed around in the deep snow, trying to capture the same scenes. (btw – North Georgia Mountains are also covered in white this morning 🙂

    • Hey, that’s right – belated Happy Anniversary! I didn’t realize you had snow for your honeymoon. Our snow is gone now and it’s sunny off and on today, although still cold. I bet you have some nice views today. Mountains and snow just seem to go together, don’t you think?

  4. Very nice tulips!

    • They are lovely, aren’t they? I wish we could grow tulips in our gardens here, but the voles get them. I’ve tried various methods of blocking them but they seem to get through no matter what. Oh well, at least they don’t eat daffodils!

  5. Mike Bertoglio

    Called my son yesterday. Snow in Atlanta. Who knew. Mild today in Seattle.

    • Crazy, isn’t it? I think of Seattle as being fairly mild, temperature-wise, though very rainy. For some reason it’s hard to imagine it being really cold there. Do you ever get snow? Hey guess what — there was a Chihuly exhibit at the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts that I JUST MISSED – it was over Feb. 10. A friend brought me the program and it looks as if it was fabulous. There was a photo in there of something called Persian Ceiling but I don’t think that was in the Virginia exhibit. Really amazing. Thanks for telling me about him, I will keep an eye out for his exhibits and maybe I can catch one later.

  6. Sherrie Cannon

    This post sounds like May in Montana or Michigan or other points further north. Did you know that deer also do like daffodils but will eat your tulips? Curious!

    • Sherrie, that’s funny! We have deer here and they ate up my blueberry shrub, but have not touched the daffodils as far as I can tell. The squirrels (or some critters) also destroy our liriope every year. But they are so cute I guess they’re worth it.

  7. merry

    Beautiful tuilps. But most flowers are beautiful. Even the tiny white, yellow, blue flowers that cover our yards in early spring. And of course wildflowers. inspiring post, Julia.

    • Yes, I love all flowers, even the wild ones. I’m so glad you enjoyed the post!

  8. Sheila

    Julia, a field of tulips is so beautiful and such a reward for our patience! I suppose this flirting, that the weather has done with us recently, has indeed left us exasperated. We know that it won’t be as long as it has been…. but when? I so hope you had a nice day there.
    So cold here that even the “snow birds” are complaining. That is the local beach term for northern winter tourists or visitors. Sheila

    • Sheila, I’ll bet you get quite a few snow birds! Just remind them that it’s all relative and it would be WAY more cold elsewhere! Years ago Jeff and I went to the Bahamas in February and it was unusually chilly for that climate, but still felt great to us as we had come from Ohio. We were so amused to see the locals bundled up as if it was snowing outside – one man at the market had on a ski mask! We still laugh about that. Good news, Jeff’s MRI showed the liver tumors are less than half the previous size, your prayers are being answered!!! Thanks so much and we will keep praying for Jeff and Bill as they endure treatment that can often feel worse than the disease. Thanks for being here!

  9. I think that really worked, the sun was shining here today. I had the window open in the craft room all day and I listened to my first bird song of the season, don’t know where he/she was sitting, somewheres near by but it sang all day long. I think it was a sparrow, very chirpy….loved it. Also love all those tulips, gorgeous. Hope your snow is melting soon!

    • The snow melted quickly; all I saw on yesterday’s walk was the remnant of what had once been a snowman that hadn’t quite melted. Today was sunny and almost warm. It won’t be long now! I am itching to plant some annuals alongside our porch. I’m glad you heard the bird singing; that is always a real spirit-booster for me!

      • Oh me too Julia. I stopped what I was doing many times, just to close my eyes and let the sound of it’s sweet voice wash over me. What will you plant along the porch? I eager to be inside a greenhouse but I know everything will be just green, nothing flowering in there yet.

        • Since it’s below our deck and shady, I will have to stick with shade-loving plants. Last year I planted impatiens which did really well, and also some plants whose names I can’t remember, but the flower was like a miniature nicotiana. I might try some pansies, but I’m not sure how they do in total shade.

          • Shade is trickier isn’t it? Do you enjoy Begonias? They’re a way to infuse bright colours into a shady spot. I worked at a greenhouse for a few summers. Begonia, Lobelia and Fuchsia seem to all do well in the sun here.

            • I absolutely love begonias but I never have them do much in the shade. I planted one on the border that gets some sun last year and it did well. I’ll have to look for some Lobelia and Fuchsia – I grew Fuchsia when we lived on the Central Coast of CA and just loved it. We have some bleeding hearts planted in the shade at our York home and they do very well, but don’t last out the summer. I bet working at a greenhouse would be almost as much fun as a craft store! More of the “spend the whole paycheck syndrome” for me though!

              • LOL, I actually never made a dime there. It was just up the road from the lake. Super physical work for a short period of time. They also had a dog and a bunch of cats and I could jump out of bed and head to work. I didn’t work there for extra money, they gave me a good discount on plants and I also bought a fountain one year, which I still love. I had a giant Bleeding Heart in my yard, it was 20 years old, just loved it. You know what it is to leave a garden behind….bittersweet.

                • Did your bleeding heart bloom quickly every spring and then outgrow itself and die out by summer’s end? That’s the way mine is. It comes up almost like a mushroom, so fast, but the blooms don’t last long. It is very hard to leave favorite plants behind!. In CA I had a huge begonia that I planted our first year there and by 5 years later it was magnificent. Ditto the geraniums. Probably working at a greenhouse here wouldn’t be nearly as much fun as there, our summers get so HOT!

                  • Your Begonia sounds amazing Julia. I think we are probably in a better climate for the Bleeding Heart. Warm days but usually not scorching and cool nights. Our summers are very short too, so I’d enjoy it for 3 months and then it was all done in the garden. I can only imagine how hot it’d be in a Greenhouse there….yikes 😀

  10. Rene

    That is a gorgeous photo! The shades of pink are incredibly striking…I’m having trouble putting into words the way it jumped out at me. It’s God’s creation, but I’m going to credit the photographer for framing it so well :)!

    • Thanks Rene, I just love tulips and since I can’t grow them (the voles eat them up no matter what I do) I have to enjoy them wherever else I find them. Pink tulips are probably my favorite color for that flower, so this is a photo I really like. I’m glad you like it too!


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