A little nonsense

Pluto clowns with Matt at Walt Disney World in Florida, 2004

Pluto clowns with Matt at Walt Disney World in Florida, 2004

“A little nonsense now and then is relished by the wisest men.”Joseph Addison

Happy April Fool’s Day! Laughter is one of the greatest gifts we can give ourselves or others.  I hope you will indulge in some light-hearted fun today — look up a joke or two to share, sing silly songs, watch a funny movie with someone who needs to lighten up — but if you want to fool anyone, please keep your pranks kind and sensitive.  And if anyone comes to you today with an unlikely tale of woe or unbelievable good news, think twice before you believe it! 🙂

Let’s share some humor with each other today.  Do you have a link to a funny YouTube video, a favorite online joke or a hilarious photo?  If so, please post it in the comments here and let’s laugh together.  I wish you a day full of fun!

Here is one of my favorite “viral videos” – I hope you get a laugh or a smile out of it!
(It’s only 35 seconds long.)


  1. I love to read “World Wide Words” by Michael Quinion. He allows re-use of his material with proper acknowledgement of its source (which follows). This is from the 17 November 2012 edition:
    Jeremy Bangs e-mails from Leiden in the Netherlands to tell us that a local restaurant “offers customers an English-language menu as an alternative to the ordinary menu in Dutch. Attempting to avoid being rude through using the word breast, the chef allows customers to order roast duck udders. Kind patrons have refrained from telling the management that their English stinks.”
    World Wide Words is written, edited and published in the UK by Michael Quinion. ISSN 1470-1448. Copyediting and advice are provided by Julane Marx in the US and Robert Waterhouse in the UK. The linked website is http://www.worldwidewords.org.

    • Thanks, Eric, word lovers will enjoy this site. Leiden is the town where Keukenhof is located (or at least it’s nearby). I have featured quite a few photographs from Keukenhof already on this site, and will probably be including more in the future!

  2. merry

    A merry heart is good for us. Thanks for the link…~)

    • You’re welcome! I hope your day is full of laughs.

  3. Bobby Harris

    One of our laughs this past week–our grandson declared he was spending a night with Evan Pinion.

    • Bobby, it boggles the mind to think how many kids totally misunderstand that particular verse! Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  4. I’ve got Petals cleaning house and I’m going to goof off all day.

    April Fools, Petals would say “talk to the paw, I don’t do housework”


    • This is so funny! That really does look like Petals on the Roomba. I can’t believe that cat would ride that thing around. I love the way it comes after her when she jumps off!

      • Hehe, I’ve actually thought about buying one of these things, but Jim says it’d just be an expensive cat toy to wit I reply “yes, but so much entertainment for us”. That is funny how it follows that cat into the kitchen 😀 I think it’d be great if a grown-up could ride around, maybe read a book, drink coffee or blog…..all while cleaning the house.

        • I have a Roomba and I love it, but it’s not a substitute for vacuuming, it’s more like a supplement. It can get the high-traffic areas done and it goes under furniture where you can’t reach with the vacuum. I have to babysit it though, so it doesn’t get hung up somewhere. I try to be doing something on the same floor while it’s running. If I had cats it would be too much fun. I wonder how they got the cat to ride on it, though. Maybe it just got used to it and decided to hitch a ride, “Oh, I finally figured out this is my taxi!” 🙂

          • Ha, beep beep coming thru. Thanks for the review Julia. I actually vacuum daily due to two black cats and off white furniture…LOL I’m must’ve been mad picking that out.

            • Same here, a black dog with off-white carpeting and ceramic tile, but I can’t claim to vacuum daily, I just got used to the sight of black fuzz everywhere. It’s a good thing our animal friends are so much fun!

  5. MaryAnn

    THIS is NOT April’s Fools: the photo of “my” Matt is exactly as I remember him! His brilliant smile lights up the space & all the people around him! Thank you for continuing to brighten my day w/ your words & pix! Still in prayer for “my” Dentons…
    Love, MaryAnn

    • Thank you, Mary Ann! Actually, the smile on Matt’s face is very like the one he wears whenever you are around! 🙂 He sends his love.

  6. Wouldn’t you think that I should be really good at April Fools. Can’t think of a thing to write here. Love this photo. Two of my favorite folks. Keeping you in prayers. Thanks for the happy thoughts.

    • Hi there, did you get my card? Thanks for being here. Call when you get time.

  7. Julia, you seem to have relatively few “fools” reading your blog. As a first class one, I will offer another tidbit: Many missed the announcement, in 1996, that Taco Bell had purchased the Liberty Bell, and was going to hang a big sign, in their corporate colors proclaiming it “Taco Liberty Bell”. Not to be outdone, when the Whitehouse Press Corps tried to catch Michael McCurray on this April Fool’s ploy, he responded with a relatively straight face: “Yes, I also understand the Ford Motor Corporation has purchased the Lincoln Memorial, and intend to hang a sign on it reading ‘The Ford Lincoln Memorial'”.

    • Eric, thanks, I had never heard of that one. After reading your comment I found it documented at — where else– Wikipedia http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Taco_Liberty_Bell which also included the Ford joke. I love it when the big guys have a little fun.

  8. Sheila

    Julia, Matt certainly does have a very infectious smile. I enjoyed the “Guilty Doggie” video and shared it with Bill. April 1st brought a beautiful and warmer day. We are in the day by day phase which I’m sure you know well. It is so about love and prayers! I tried to share
    “Snoopy Drunk On Root Beer” but wasn’t successful. You may be able to google it on YouTube. Thanks for the smiles…. and that’s no joke! Sheila

    • Sheila, thanks, Matt does have a great smile, and it’s not hard to bring it out. We had a lovely day here too, windy but warm and sunny. I’m keeping the prayers going up for you and Bill. I think I found the Snoopy cartoon you were referring to at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YeGqp4E8azY – that’s a cute one, I don’t remember seeing it before. I love those old tunes and apparently Snoopy does too! Thanks for being here.

  9. Enjoyed that one. During our school days we used to have lots of fun on this day. But now we don’t even think of it. How sad! Thanks for the fun, Julia! 🙂

    • Yes, I usually forget about April Fools Day too, unless someone pulls a prank on me. We never get too old for such things though, only too busy. I’m glad you enjoyed the post – and I hope today and every day will bring more smiles!


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