Each moment an occasion

Pasha looks out on the beautiful waters of Lake Tahoe, August 2004

Pasha looks out on the beautiful waters of Lake Tahoe, California, August 2004

My dog lives freely
each moment an occasion
to cherish and leave

Drew Denton

Years ago I found this haiku, along with several others, among some handwritten drafts and school papers saved from Drew’s 10th grade year. He was probably around 15 years old when he wrote this, and I doubt he even knows I saved it.  I loved it immediately because it captured the very essence of what dogs and other animals have to teach their human friends.

Today, I hope each moment for us will be an occasion to appreciate, enjoy or maybe even cherish– one that we can pass through with gratitude and remember without regrets.

Happy 16th birthday today, to our aging but still lively Pasha!


  1. Sheila

    Happy 16th birthday, Pasha. I’m up early to go out. Does that ever happen to you? My mom hasn’t walked me yet so I’ll take a little nap while I wait. I’ve never been to Lake Tahoe. My folks went there years ago. I suppose you went there when you lived in California. I know you’re special because you’re so loved. You make me proud! “Salty (Dog)

    • Listen here Salty I writes a lot of stuff but I doesn’t never blog. I does like you does and gets up before my human everyest day but they never up in time go on my early walk so I has to wait for them, nap best thing do then.
      Your friend, Pasha

      • Sheila

        Pasha, I’m getting older too but we might have a lot in common. We could be “blog dogs” aka “pen pals”.
        Eat cake today! “Salty”

      • Sheila

        What fun Salty and Pasha had, along with you and me. Little did I know Salty would leave us two weeks later, a sad day that still hurts me terribly. I’ve told Jack he will draw his last breath “naturally” because I don’t think I could ever go through that heartache and second guessing that hard decision! 😭

        • Yes, Salty and Pasha both left us not long after the post was published. I hope Jack takes your advice. We were so blessed that we didn’t have to make that decision with Pasha. I had just told Jeff that it was time for us to take him to the vet and say goodbye, but Pasha died within an hour of my saying so. It was devastating enough for him to die on his own but having to help him end his life would have been even harder.

  2. I shall try to live this way everyday. Have a great day my friend. Love ya.

    • Same here Amy; for humans, it’s easier said than done, but important all the same. Thanks for being here!

  3. I love Pasha! Happy birthday to him! The haiku is a perfect.

    • Thanks, Carla! We’re going to give Pasha some sort of special treat today – maybe some good “people” food. 🙂 Nothing salty of course!

  4. Sherrie Cannon

    Read Drew’s bio! Is he teaching now? Where?

    • Sherrie, he’s finishing up a 5-year doctoral program at Emory; I think he does some teaching as part of that. He got his MDiv there also.

  5. Great haiku and photograph! I love the notion that our pets can teach us invaluable lessons.

    • They really do, don’t they? So happy you liked the post!

  6. Lynn

    I write long columns about dogs for work and yet 15 year old Drew indeed summed it up better in one short piece.!

    • Thanks Lynn, I think he hit the nail on the head there. I’m so glad you like it!

  7. Seymour

    Thanks for sharing this evocative picture and poem. They brightened my morning.

    • Seymour, I’m so glad you liked it! Pasha himself brightens our morning each day, as I’m sure you can imagine.

  8. Looking at the gorgeous face of the grown up Drew brings to mind when he & I played “Beyond Balderdash” w/ the Snows & others! But after reading his bio, I feel eclipsed by his commentary! I know we could still have a blast playing games!
    Love to all my Dentons! MaryAnn

    • Thanks “Momba” and love to you too, from all of us! We cherish our memories of fun times with you.

  9. Sheila

    Julia, I so hope that today has been a lovely day for you, as well as Jeff and Matt. I am aware that “Salty”” has been using my iPad! I also read Drew’s bio and it is quite impressive.
    What an appropriate day to share the photo and the haiku. Happy birthday, Pasha.

    • Thanks, Sheila! It has been a good day, but hectic! Rainy too – oh, well. At least the plants will be happy! Re: Salty, you have probably seen the famous cartoon that made the rounds years ago; a dog at a computer with the caption “On the internet, nobody knows you’re a dog.” :-). Unfortunately for Pasha, his syntax gives him away every(est) time!

      • Sheila

        Just a “fun encounter of the dog kind” !!

      • Sheila

        Julia, Salty may have seen the cartoon but I had not. I loved it and also the good, informative article. Thanks to you I’m learning! In haste, Sheila

        • Sheila, thanks for visiting today despite being very busy. We finally have some sunshine here today. Hope you do too!

  10. Thats very profound of a 15 year old to recognize that dogs life happily in the moment. Awesome Drew. Happy Birthday Pasha, you’re doing extremely well!

    • Thanks! Hope you are having a ton of fun on your trip. I appreciate you taking the time to check in here.

      • 😀 the net is very slow in the B&B but I don’t want to miss a thing xK

        • I’m so glad you are still connected so I can follow your adventures!


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