What we enjoy

Some favorite things: teapots, England, Lewis Carroll, Darla's home and pretty much everything in it, including Darla!  Yorktown, December 2012

Some favorite things: teapots, tea, England, Lewis Carroll, Darla’s home
and pretty much everything in it, including Darla! Yorktown, December 2012

“I think we delight to praise what we enjoy because the praise not merely expresses but completes the enjoyment…”C. S. Lewis

Tea. Books. Friends. Flowers. Animals. Family. I hope nobody is getting sick of seeing these and other topics here, over and over, because I have so much fun writing about what I enjoy — including anything written by C. S. Lewis, my favorite author.

I think it’s good exercise for our spirits when we praise what we enjoy, and express gratitude for the amazingly abundant blessings we share.  Let’s make this post the online extension of the song “My favorite things.” Play the song linked there, and no matter whether you feel sad or happy right now, I bet it will lift your spirits.  Then think of some of YOUR favorite things.  Jump in and tell us about them in the comments below.

Meanwhile, lets see…Christmas. Springtime. Music. Cinnamon rolls. Photographs. Fresh fruit. Ice Cream. Cookies baking. Rain at night. Sunny days. Birds singing. Nice surprises…

More wisdom from C. S. Lewis:


  1. Janette Roberts

    Some of my favorite things are flower gardens,porch swings,and babies laughter.

    • I’m with you! I need to get a new swing for our back deck since we don’t have a porch big enough for one. I can’t wait until Grady starts to laugh. My niece’s son Jackson had the best belly laugh of any baby I’ve ever seen. It was literally impossible not to smile and laugh along with him.

  2. My children’s smiles. Sunshine. Books. Coffee with my husband. Coffee with my girlfriends. A good laugh. 🙂

    • All of this sounds great to me, too! Thanks for putting a smile on my face.

  3. Great quote, so true. When someone or something brings joy to your life, it would be so pointless unless you shared it, almost like sending it out there again into the world. Like watching little ones at Christmas under the tree. It’s hardly about the giving of a gift, more about the reaction when they get it and share their excitement.

    • I totally agree! Every year, I do something for my parents and a few other people that I call “12 days of Christmas” – I get 12 little inexpensive gifts for each of them (usually something practical or something to eat) and focus on just wrapping them up very pretty and I use a different paper for each of the 24 gifts, so the presents look so pretty all laid out together and become a Christmas decoration in and of themselves. They start opening them on December 14, one each day, with the last one (usually the nicest one) on Christmas. It’s really fun and as you say, it’s not about the presents, more just the fun of a surprise and having them sit around looking pretty. I have to admit, though, that seeing the things you make pretty well leaves my little gifts in the dust in terms of how gorgeous they are. But they are bright and shiny and fun!

      • That’s such a nice thing to do, what a cute idea. Like an advent calendar but so much more fun. I really enjoy wrapping things too, even when they’re tiny treats. Thank you for your generous compliments. I just have so much stuff in the craft room, It’s fun using it to wrap gifts too, but if I was wrapping 24 plus gifts, it’d take me forever and I bet I’d never finish on time.

        • Yes, even with my relatively simple wrapping, it takes time. I try to do them in short bits of time here and there, and I love to pick pretty wrapping paper and ribbons, which can make a pretty gift without a lot of extra time involved. I buy almost all of it at the after Christmas sales, so I have almost as much fun shopping AFTER Christmas as before!

  4. Mike Bertoglio

    I like anything with bacon. Bacon burgers, BLT, baconaise, baconnator. In NYC they have these great bacon- egg- cheese bagels. Awesome. Vitamin B.

    • Mike, for your sake I hope they don’t ever outlaw bacon as being too bad for us! 🙂 I must admit I love bacon too, but I don’t fix it at home. It’s a treat I save for eating breakfast out. I like it cooked really dark and crispy (some would say “burned”) with scrambled eggs, grits and hash browns. I always make sure to get some Vitamin C when I eat it (usually in OJ) because I read years ago, at the medical school where I worked, I read you should do that because the vitamin C would help protect your stomach from the damage caused by nitrites. Since I would never want to give up bacon completely, that’s how I purchase “carbon offsets” to cover it. 🙂

  5. A delightful post.

    • Thank you Tony!


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