A virtue in itself

Sweetie with a sweetie: Aunt Peggy with her winsome cockatiel, December 2011

Sweetie with a sweetie: Aunt Peggy with her winsome cockatiel, December 2011

“A good disposition is a virtue in itself, and it is lasting; the burden of the years cannot depress it, and love that is founded on it endures to the end.” Ovid

I can’t think of anyone with a better disposition than my Aunt Peggy.  She has endured more than a few experiences that would have made most people bitter, but she remains one of the most loving, giving and reliably fun people I have ever had the pleasure to know.  When I visit her, I always leave wishing we had more time together.  And I think anyone who knows her could say the same.

Not only does Peggy enjoy life; she helps others to do likewise.  Her home, exquisitely decorated year round, is absolutely enchanting at Christmas.  Her beautiful flower arrangements enhanced our wedding and every home we have lived in for over thirty years. Even her husband LeVerne and her cockatiel Sweetie are delightful – and who wouldn’t be, living with someone who is unfailingly comforting, supportive and compassionate?

I hope you will brighten your own day by thinking of those rare people you know who can face gracefully whatever life dishes out; those who make the burdens a little lighter for each person they meet.  If it’s appropriate, maybe send them a quick thank-you note today, or let them know how much they have added to your happiness.  I thank God for my Aunt Peggy, and for all the people like her whose good cheer adorns a world sorely in need of it.


  1. Chris

    Everyone should have an Aunt Peggy… but there will never be one as special as ours!

    • So true, Chris! Aren’t we lucky?!

  2. Sheila

    What a beautiful tribute to such a lovely lady! How long has she had Sweetie, or how long has Sweetie had her might be a better question? They look quite the pair. You know that I love this. i’ll show Walter…..Sheila

    • Sheila, I’ll have to ask Peggy. It has been many years. I do know that she and Sweetie have been together longer than she’s been married to LeVerne. Sweetie came along to help her get over the deep grief she felt for a very long time after the loss of her husband Jim, who died of colon cancer after a courageous 8-year battle. So that cockatiel is very special to all of us who love Peggy. Animals are such helpful companions in the trials of life. Tell Walter that Sweetie is quite a flirt, and rather vain, too. She literally poses for me when I’m taking photos of her, more than any animal I’ve ever seen. She even squawks when I focus on something different!

      • Sheila

        Walter has just returned home, having been boarded for ten days while we were out of town. He was exhausted, so I can only imagine that he was quite busy socializing. We’ve had him for thirteen years.

        • WOW, that’s a long time! I have heard that some parrots can live as long as people. Our next door neighbors in San Antonio had an African Grey and I think they said he had a very long life span. I wish I could see Walter! From what I saw online, the Sun Conures look very pretty.

  3. Kathy

    Beautiful post, Julia….BTW, I haven’t been receiving your blog posts for the past few days via my email….I’m not sure what happened. I unsubscribed and then subscribed again!?….not sure if that will help. We shall see tomorrow.


    • Thanks, Kathy! Some other readers were having that same problem; for one of them, it turned out to be a gmail update that had been sorting all blog mail into a file called “social” that they had not even noticed. If your mail program has a search function, you might want to try doing a search to see if the messages are coming in. I have heard that sometimes the WordPress system just drops accounts randomly (not intentionally) so maybe that is the case, also. But if you use an online reader, I’d see if it might have to do with some kind of file sorting. Let me know if you still aren’t getting the posts and I’ll try to look into it from here. Thanks for letting me know.

  4. Mabeth

    She is definitely one of a kind–love and laughter is all around her!!

    • Mabeth, aren’t we lucky to have Aunt Peggy? I have literally never heard her say a cross or unkind word. Definitely one of a kind!

  5. I think anyone who follows Boomdeeadda will immediately know who my ‘Peggy’ is. Sweet Alys seems to have endless admirers and a successful growing business where recommendations from existing clients go a long way. Everyone who’s lucky enough to be part of her day knows how caring and supportive she is. I’m actually booked for another visit the first week in October. I can’t wait, just girl time as Mr B is staying home. I wish you still lived in NorCal, that’d be so fabulous. Your tribute really shines and I’m certain Aunt Peggy could write these exact words about you too. I feel so lucky to be part of this awesome community.

    • Boomdee, Alys is one of those people who can communicate strength and caring even online. A lot of times these highly-organized and successful people can unintentionally make others feel intimidated, but she’s just the opposite; she has a welcoming soul that treats everyone as a friend. I am so glad you are going to see her again! One of these days maybe I can join you there. In the meantime, have some extra fun for me! I think that’s the time of year when the Napa/Sonoma grapevines will be in vivid fall colors, and the weather in SFO is quite warm at that time of year. Lots of sunshine! You will love it.

  6. MaryAnn

    Your last paragraph fills me w/ joy! You are one of my rare ladies to whom you refer. You continue to be a blessing. I thank God for you!
    I love you, MaryAnn

    • Mary Ann, as always you are so generous with me. I love you too!

  7. Peggy

    Boy did you make me smile. I’m not sure that I’m worthy of such comments. Love you.

    • Peggy, you are way more than worthy! You have added so much joy to my life and to so many others! Especially Matt! WE LOVE YOU!!!

  8. Excellent post. Nice and appropriate in fact.

    • Thank you, I am so happy that you like it! I appreciate your visits here.


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