Expressing it

Yellow Roses from Jeff, June 2003

Jeff gave me these “thank you” roses at his promotion in June, 2003.

“Feeling gratitude and not expressing it is like wrapping a present and not giving it.”William Arthur Ward

We all feel happy when someone appreciates us, but did you know there is an even better way to feel happier instantly? Take a look at the video below.

I’d like to introduce you to Misifusa’s blog, one of the first I discovered on WordPress.  Her cheerful, happy posts have been an inspiration to me.  Specifically, I want to share with you a post of hers that was published on November 29.  It’s directly related to the quote above.  Her post appears below, unchanged except that it’s in blue, to distinguish her words from mine:

An Easy Way to Increase Your Happiness!    Nov29

Do you want to know the secret of how to increase your happiness quotient, increase someone else’s at the same time and make a difference in both of your lives the easy way?  How about if I told you that you could learn in less than 8 minutes?  Do you have 8 minutes to learn?  Well, without further ado…

My dear friend RoSy blogged this awhile back ~  check out her blog!   It made such a difference in my day that I knew I had to repost it for you!  I adore what I do which is connecting with others via my blog, my cards and my FB page (besides just meeting people in real life!).  I am a big proponent of telling people how I feel and for feeling that gratitude in sharing how blessed I feel to have so many wonderful people in my life!

I hope it made you smile and perhaps even changed your way of thinking!  If you are looking for more happiness in your life, this is the answer…baby steps to a happier you ~ and in turn, making someone else happy as well!

Shine On!


P.S.  Thanks RoSy ~ I’m grateful for you! xo


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  1. sarvjit

    Our heart always feels to show gratitude, but sometimes our mind comes in between and says “How will it react?” and many more stupid statements. Mind just has fear. Gratitude is the first sign of showing that you care. So, Thank you.

    • You’re welcome, Sarvjit! And I think you are exactly right about fear holding us back from expressing gratitude – and equally right that such worries are groundless. If only we could be less afraid to show people we care. Thanks for reminding us how important this is.

      • sarvjit

        Oh! that’s so lovely. Thank you.

  2. Very Nice post, in fact.

    • Thank you, Lvsrao! I’m so happy you like it.

  3. Julia, I am honored that you reblogged my post! Thank you! I love the yellow roses too! ♥

    • I am happy to share it! I want to do this with more blogs, but had not realized how difficult it is to schedule them in advance. I wish the automatic “re-blog” option enabled scheduling the re-blog in advance. According to Jeff the yellow color of the roses were meant to signify my having been born in Texas (an indirect reference to the song), and the fact that his military education and residency were during the years we lived in Texas.

      • Ahh…I love the way he thinks! He is so thoughtful ~ you are both blessed! ♥ I believe if you save the draft when you reblog, you can then schedule. Let me know if this works. 🙂

        • I will give that a try as soon as I can – thanks!

  4. Rene

    Wow, I am humbled…and looking to be happier! Off I go!

    • Just think, you will also be making others happier. I just love these win-win scenarios!

  5. Jenelle

    What a great way to being the week! Thank you for this post, it comes at a fantastic time 🙂 That video was really fun and inspiring. It’s a cool thing to think about… our small words of gratitude might have a mountainous impact on another. As a fellow encourager, giving gratitude definitely makes me happier. Misifusa’s blog is indeed uplifting, colorful and indeed encouraging.

    • Thanks Jenelle, I’m so glad you liked the post. I really enjoyed that video and found myself smiling as I watched it. What a simple and fun way to spread joy and happiness! Thanks to Misifusa for this, among many other inspiring posts!

  6. Sheila

    Julia, I am back home in Garden City after three days visiting with friends in Winston Salem, while Bill is in Louisville, Ky.for a meeting. Your recent posts have been so beautiful and I took time to read and enjoy, although I couldn’t reply. I’m so glad that Jeff has been able to return to work! Thinking of y’all fondly, Sheila

    • Sheila, I’m so glad you have been reading the posts even on the road! Hope you had a wonderful time with your friend. I am loving my calendar and think of you every time I see it. 🙂 Have a great week and thanks for remembering us!

  7. Jack

    “Gratitude unlocks the fullness of life. It turns what we have into enough, and more. It turns denial into acceptance, chaos to order, confusion to clarity. It can turn a meal into a feast, a house into a home, a stranger into a friend.” Marianne Williamson

    A little begets more, but you have to work at it. Just look around in the small places… the pound cake in the oven, a 16 year old son who still sort of enjoys my company, the dog in front of the fire, the ambient noise of a football game on a clear, beautiful winter afternoon. If I can find it in the small places, Its unavoidable in the bigger ones. My natural state is to feel entitled, my thoughtful self just grateful. My cup, indeed, runneth over. Now, just to remember…

    • Jack, I like that quote so much that I used it in one of the very first posts I ever did here. And it is so true. The things you mention would all be easily overlooked, but on reflection, they do create a genuine feeling of wealth. For awhile I kept a gratitude journal listing 5 things each day I was grateful for – not only was it helpful then, but it’s wonderful to look back and read it now, 16 years later, and remember things I would have forgotten if I had not written them down. Another way to remember to be grateful is so often mentioned that it sounds trite, but we’ve learned this year just how profound it is: at any moment, things we take for granted may vanish, never to return (or even temporarily – I’m never more grateful for electricity than during a power outage). Thanks for sharing these thoughts!

  8. Yellow roses…my mother’s favorite and mine. In fact, I planted a yellow rose bush by my back door in memory of my mother. (I use the back door more than front):)
    What a lovely post, Julia. Thanks for sharing it and giving encouragement to us.

    • How nice that you and your mother had the same favorite, and even nicer that you have a daily reminder of her near your door. I must say you both have good taste! I have always loved yellow – my favorite is the daffodil. Thanks for sharing this with us. Hope you have a wonderful week!

  9. Raynard

    Julia just seen this before I retire agin for the night.i hope and pray through my blogs cakes flower show pics and trips to shady maple that it encourages and blesses other.update trying to assemble a U.R. “A”Team to help me on The Chicago Sarah Project Will you want to be a part of it? I believe you have great behind the scenes valuable skills.Going to bring some of my McGuiver skills to the table.hours this week at work will allow me time.And I can walk and chew gum at the sametime and also got a great rescipie for pulled be blessed

    • Hi Raynard, please do let me know if you all can come up with something to do for Sarah. She is such a faithful support to so many with her kind thoughts and prayers. Good luck and keep me posted, and thanks for all the kind things you do for others.

  10. What a great quote Julia 😀 That was just the most fantastic video and of course I’m now a subscriber to their channel. I do try to be cognizant of telling my loved ones and friends often, how much they mean to me. It seems to get easier as we get older. I even noticed Mr B giving his best friend Rob, long and generous hugs and saying “I love you” when we are saying goodbye. I love that, because some men are too hung up on it. It’s a good challenge to write things down too. We had some practice with this with our counsellor this summer. So with this in mind, “you have made my life richer and more thoughtful with every post you share, thank you for being so giving Julia” 😀 xoK

    • Wow, thank you K! The feeling is definitely mutual. Boomdeeville has definitely made my world a happier place! One thing I remember so fondly about Jeff and his own father is that I always saw him hug his Dad goodbye and say “I love you” whenever we were leaving My brothers do the same with our Daddy, and Drew is very affectionate with Jeff, Matt, and all his friends. I think if our sons grow up seeing that it’s OK for men to express affection, there won’t be so many hang-ups in that regard and maybe they’ll even be a bit mushier with the ladies too! 🙂 I agree that it gets easier as we get older; time seems short and public opinion doesn’t matter so much.

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