The earth laughs

Once a year for about a week, we are treated to this sight out our bedroom and bathroom windows.  Photographed from our bedroom window, Alexandria, Virginia, April 9, 2014

One week each year we are treated to this sight outside our bedroom and bathroom windows.
Photographed from our bedroom, Alexandria, Virginia, April 9, 2014

“The earth laughs in flowers.”Ralph Waldo Emerson

If Emerson is right, this spring ought to be a riot of hilarity, the kind that comes as a huge relief after sustained tension.  Last week, the cherry blossoms “brought down the house” with the earth’s mirth in the DC area.  I hope you too are having a jovial treat now appearing in your local landscape.  Feel free to send photos or links to share with us, and let’s join the earth in laughing away our winter doldrums.

One year ago today:

Flowers have an expression


  1. Susan

    This year, my boyfriend has set up his easel, painted in the sky and branches, and is waiting for the plum blossoms to appear! I wish I knew how to upload one of these early stage paintings, so I could share it with you.

    • Susan, I wish that too! Just take lots of digital photos of them and maybe someone can show you how to send them. You could email them as an attachment to and I could try to upload them. The only problem is that some email programs compress the files and they arrive in my mailbox so small that they will pixilate if I post them full size. But it would be worth a try, if you had the time.

  2. Hi! You answered my emailed question (Are the cherry blossoms in bloom?)! So beautiful!

    • Yes, and so temporary. No sooner had they blossomed than the first petals were starting to fall. I guess their short stay makes them even more special. Sorry I took so long to get back to your email! Love you.

  3. raynard

    Julia as we enter our apartment complex, we are treated to the sight of the very same trees.After looking at what I call”pretty pink buildings” at my job all day, its refreshing to look at nature. I think my next cake , I’ll go with a vanilla glaze( 6 more to go). Hopefully this coming rain knocks down some of this pollen.. be blessed

    • Raynard, I’m happy to hear you have some of these lovely trees to welcome springtime to Delaware. We have a rainy day today here, too. I hope the pollen subsides quickly. My mother told Jeff (in a phone call) that my Dad went to their garden the other day and had to come in because the pollen was so bad. He has COPD, which has limited their usual gardening, but I’m glad they are still working at it. When I visit them I love to eat their fresh picked veggies. 🙂 With all the snow, ice, and now pollen, if it’s not one thing it’s another – but I am thankful for all the beautiful flowers and plants that produce all that pollen!

  4. Beautiful…looks like a redbud tree….

    • Thank you Merry, when I got your comment I looked up the redbud tree (not being familiar with that name) and realized that is the name for some of the gorgeous trees I have been seeing around our home for years. They have a much more vivid color than the cherry blossoms, and I like bright colors. Maybe I can get a redbud tree for our York yard! It seems like maybe their flowers last longer than those of the cherry blossoms, although I may be imagining that.

  5. That view would put a smile on any face and joy in there heart, and just think then they give fourth the fruit and again we smile.

    • I agree! There is so much to celebrate in this world! 🙂 Thanks for sharing the joy.

  6. Dorothy Walker

    What a lovely sight! Here in the Lower Blue Mountains of NSW Australia we’ve had unseasonably warm weather for March into April. The trees are just beginning to turn and temperatures dropping, although we actually have some jonquils flowering! As you look forward to warmer weather we begin to look forward to colder days so it’s lovely to enjoy your spring photos. Dorothy.

    • Thank you Dorothy! I wonder, do jonquils normally flower in autumn “down under?” I never thought about the fact that we only see them in spring here. When I got your comment I looked up some photos of the Blue Mountains – STUNNING! Another place added to my list…

      • Dorothy Walker

        The jonquils do seem a little early this year, but often flower during autumn. Daffodils are much later in spring. However, our weather has been somewhat odd over the last six months. We had bushfires last October with hot winds and days, then lots of rain a couple of weeks later, and fairly mild weather since.

        • I didn’t realize jonquils and daffodils had different bloom times. They are my favorite flowers and I would love to have them bloom in fall here, but I don’t remember ever seeing any except in early spring. It sounds as if the weather has been strange all over the world this year. When we lived on the central coast of California October seemed to be the hottest month, but here in Virginia it’s already cool by then. October is your springtime so I guess it’s not usually hot then – I’m glad you’ve had some milder weather since then. I like to have a nice long time between cold weather and hot weather, but I’m afraid that may not happen this year. But I’ve already promised myself I won’t complain about the heat after THIS winter!

  7. Sheila

    Julia, so beautiful! I can imagine that you look forward to that view, then you enjoy the beauty, and after that you remember the pleasure it gave you. We are on the verge of our pink Majesiic Hawthornes blooming. They may bloom for Easter weekend, which would be special. Hope you’ve had a good day…. you must know I’m thinking of you so often throughout the day. 🙂

    • Sheila, I’m going to ask the landscaper if she can work some Majestic Hawthorns into the plans for this fall’s planting. I LOVE those shrubs and especially like the fact that they’re evergreen, but I don’t know how they would do here. I hope yours will be blooming on Easter! Thanks so much for thinking of us. 🙂

  8. That is beautiful and a sight for sore eyes too. We’ve had a couple of teaser days, but still are waiting for spring. Nothing is green yet, no blossoming trees or flowers peaking up. Like most, we are late. It actually rained today, turning to snow…sigh. This time next year, you, Alys and I might very well be enjoying tea and cakes somewhere’s fantastic having taken mad beautiful pictures in DC. Today, my eyes will just drink in all the loveliness here and get my rubber boots out for tomorrow.

    • Yes, I had the same thought about next year…mid to late April seems the best bet, based on the past two years, but in recent years the blooms have come as early as March. That’s why I asked you how many months you could stay! 🙂

    • DC! DC! DC! Hurray for all of us.

      • 😀 😀 😀 It will be April 2015 before you know it!

        • Look out DC….Charlie’s Angels Redo….Alys, we will need to bring our wigs. Don’t worry a bit Julia, we’ll look after you ;D

          • I can’t wait until we can Boomdeefy Washington DC. Maybe we can spread cheery little aqua notes to all our elected officials to shake them out of their doldrums. It can’t be easy when all you get is negative approval ratings! In any case we can get some SERIOUS exercise walking around all the museums and monuments. Get ready to pack some comfy shoes!

        • 🙂

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