A morning inside you

A white heron catches the light at Disney World, August 2003.

A white heron catches the light at Disney World, August 2003.

There is a morning inside you waiting to burst open into Light.”Rumi

One recent morning, when I was up early, I stepped out onto our deck and was surrounded by the beautiful song of birds and the sound of the nearby creek flowing.  Since I had the time, I grabbed my camera to catch just a few seconds of the sound.  A few seconds is all I got, because my memory card was too full for anything more.

How like life.  It’s just too full of unattended business to savor as much of the gorgeous wealth around me as I would like to savor.  Perhaps if I cleared my video card more often, I would have room to capture moments such as this.  Perhaps if I cleared my life of onerous busy work, I would have more time for beauty.

But perhaps a few seconds are better than nothing.  Perhaps a few seconds are perfect.

Here is the clip, embedded below.  I hope these few seconds are refreshing to you, as they still are to me.

One year ago today:

God’s handwriting


  1. HarryS


    I feel the spirit!

    • HarryS

      As you can see I have been pondering this transformational event all morning.

      • Thank you Harry, that makes me feel so happy! I’m glad you liked it. I just loved that quote.

    • Thank you, Harry! I’m so glad!

  2. Susan

    So fun! For those few seconds, the sound drowned out the lovely cacophony of birds that I can hear through my open window! Different species than here, though. It’s so fun being in different places in the morning. The desert sounds I heard while doing sunrise yoga on my uncle’s deck near Wittenberg, AZ last summer, for example, were quite different (exotic! ) than sounds from my home in Minnesota. Here in New Hampshire, the bird songs are more homey, to me!

    • I imagine everything being homey and wonderful in New Hampshire. Jeff and I loved it and want to go back. Even the idea of winter seems more appealing there! But I agree, the variety of birds in different places in the world is fascinating. I used to love the tropical birds in Hawaii. They would perch in the avocado tree outside our bedroom and make lovely music. Living near (but not on) the oceans, I’m often surprised to hear gulls, a reminder of how close to the water we are. Here in Virginia we see mostly robins, cardinals and mockingbirds, all lovely. I want to learn to recognize bird calls so that I will know what I’m hearing. My Granny H. loved birds and sometimes I wish she was here to tell me more about them.

      • Rene

        Is it weird that I dreamed of pelicans last night?

        • No, I dream of all sorts of strange things. Pelicans amaze me because they look to me as if they would not be able to fly well, but I love to watch them in flight. They look almost prehistoric to me. Maybe your dream pelican can symbolize being able to rise above weightly encumbrances.

          • Rene

            They are really beautiful to watch dive too. That is a good way to look at the dream, certainly, and my fascination with pelicans.

  3. bobmielke

    Because of my photography I’ve managed to make it through a lot of tragedy in my life. I can always grab my camera bag and hop on my motorcycle to escape the troubles, getting back to nature.

    Thanks for the beautiful photo of what I believe is a crane. Not being a birder it could just as easily be an egret. 🙂

    • Bob, photography has been a sanity-saver for me too. Something about looking at the world through a lens helps me shut out other distractions. I wasn’t sure what kind of bird that was, but studying the online photos, most of the cranes I saw had red at the base of the beak or on the face. The series of images of white herons here seemed to resemble my photo most closely. When I got your comment I looked up the egret and apparently it is a type of heron, but has “big hair” 😀 that is not visible on the bird in my photo. In any case, I am glad you like the photo!

  4. Julia, how uniquely serene ~ I love that you captured the beauty, the elegance and the serenity of the morning and shared! ♥

    • Thank you M! I loved the way that bird’s feathers caught the light. If you are referring to the video, that was such a wonderful time on the deck that morning. Almost enough to make me want to get up before 6 a.m. every day. Almost! 😀

      • I would be up smiling and listening with a grateful heart every morning! Imagine the blessings in getting up one day a week to hear that loving symphony! What a smile to start your day! ♥

        • 🙂 🙂 🙂

  5. Juila,
    Just as the calm, found in the eye of a storm, offers a brief-but encouraging-respite from the trial; so too, a few moments with the peacful strains of nature, provides a refreshing break from the day’s demands.

    • Alan, the older I get, the more important such breaks become. I don’t know whether it’s because I get tired more easily, or have a greater appreciation for the wonders of nature, or maybe a little of both. I’m starting to understand the origins of all the stereotypes about senior citizens who are crazy about birds or gardening or rocking chairs on verandas! How nice that life tends to slow down just a bit as we open our eyes to these things.

  6. Sheila

    Julia, I enjoyed this post so much this morning but as I read it again this evening it took on a different meaning for me. I reflected on your email and of the special man ” Brother Rick” must have been. This was a glorious morning for him and his new eternal life! My condolences to you and also your family.

    • Sheila, I too read this post in a different way after I got the sad news of Rick’s passing. Under my Facebook tribute to him, a friend who grew up with us and also knew Rick posted “Sad news for us. Great news for him.” Thanks for sharing the bittersweet reality of earthly loss alongside the consolation of faith that he has joined so many others in a victorious new existence. We appreciate your kind thoughts today.

  7. raynard

    Julia you are better than me. All I get to take pictures of these days is “couches on the side of the highway and ” those guys dressed up in animal costumes advertising for a sale at some store lol. be blesse

    • At tax time we always see Lady Liberty waving ads, and sometimes there is also a pizza guy. We don’t see too many animals but that would be fun. Matt would love to see the Chick-Fil-A Cows waving signs that say “Eat Mor Chikn.” 😀

  8. Must remember to clear my ‘card’ more often. That short video was worth it.
    Light has done such a magic in that picture. Beautiful!

    • Thanks Bindu, I love the way the sunlight can just light things up. Flowers, leaves, even birds! It’s probably a good thing I only had a few seconds to record the bird sounds. It might have ended up way too long otherwise. I wonder when they stop and start singing, and do they have a schedule? Some evenings at our York home, a huge flock of birds will gather in the trees and make quite a racket for about 15 minutes or so. I always joke with Jeff that “the birds are having a convention again” but I do wonder what they are doing. Someday I will have to read up on it. It makes me want to avoid the Alfred Hitchcock movie The Birds, though.

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