We more than gain

These cherries were so lovely I had to photograph them before I ate them!  July 2014

These cherries were so lovely I had to photograph them before I ate them! July 2014

“Autumn is the mellower season, and what we lose in flowers we more than gain in fruits.”Samuel Butler

Happy first day of fall!  I hope this season is full of delightful gifts for you.  What do you most look forward to at this time of year?  Feel free to share some of your favorite autumnal images.

One year ago today:

What the world gives you


  1. singleseatfighterpilot

    The following is not a paid commercial announcement!

    Yes, apples. Some ripen by September, but of the 16 varieties that grow well in north Georgia, our favorite cannot be picked until the second half of October. It is the Pink Lady. Not only is it both tart and sweet; but placed in a perforated bag, refrigerated and kept in circulating air, they remain crisp until the following July!

    • Eric, I have had some of the most delicious apples I have ever eaten from the ones you bring to Mama and Daddy. You live in an area that is so renowned for apples, that people literally drive from miles around to go to the orchards. This one is in Blue Ridge, but I hear a lot about the apples from Ellijay. Thanks for sharing this link. North Georgia is one of the best-kept secrets in the country!

    • Eric, nice link that you’ve shared with all. I suppose both the Pink Lady and Stayman will be available later in the season so I’ll place an order then. I’m excited to have a source. 🙂

      • Oops! Staymen, of course. Haha.

        • I don’t know what kind he gives to Mom and Dad, but whatever they are, they are DEE-LISH!

  2. Good Monday morning and first day of fall to you as well. 🙂 I have already seen a utility trailer at the produce stand filled to overflowing with sweet potatoes from a farm “down the road”. That really goes with these somewhat cooler days, as well as the little baskets of mountain variety apples and our beloved Carolina grapes, Muscadines and Scuppernongs. Blessings to you and yours this week! 🙂

    • Sheila, don’t you just love those little roadside stands? I always want to stop and take photos at all of them, but the driver is not amused with stopping every mile or two when we are going somewhere or coming home from somewhere. 😀 Speaking of mountain apples, be sure to see Eric’s comment; he lives in the “apple capital” of Georgia. Speaking of Muscadines, a friend from church we knew in Jeff’s dental school days who has retired to Jeff’s home town came by while we were there last week, and brought us some home-made Muscadine jelly that I can’t wait to eat! I read recently that muscadines are powerhouses of nutrition, even more so than black grapes. Last time I was home my brother Al brought me some fresh ones to eat. I hadn’t tasted one in many years. I had never heard of the Sucppernong variety but that doesn’t mean I haven’t eaten them and just not known what they were called. I love the tart taste of muscadines.

  3. Jack

    Grapefruit, first fire, slippers, mulching leaves, planting bulbs, hopefully a little rain down here in parched (and still hot) Alabama!

    • Jack, I agree on all of that, plus add in tangerines and open windows! Having just returned from north Alabama where it was still pretty warm, I can see why you are ready for some rain. My nephew, his wife and twins are all decked out in their crimson “Bama” attire for the season (he works for the university). Roll Tide, unless you are an Auburn fan, in which case I respectfully refrain from comment.

  4. Whoa, how delicious do those cherries look? I love the fall! Crisp mornings are one of my favorite things. It makes curling up with a drinking a hot cup of goodness more enjoyable. I absolutely adore crunchy leaves. Childhood memories of playing on leaf covered lawns come forward. Such fun!

    • Jenelle, when I was young we had mostly pine straw to rake, and I envied the stories of kids who had piles and piles of leaves to jump in. Now we have so many I think it’s enough for ten lifetimes. But they are beautiful indeed. Around here people still burn them sometimes (in York County anyway) and our neighbor who lives in the neighborhood on the other side of our wooded lot sometimes burns leaves. That and the wood smoke from people’s fireplaces make a delicious scent, especially since the breeze keeps it from getting too heavy. Do you have leaves where you are now? We never had any in CA, but I loved to drive in toward the Gold Country (just an hour away, right past Sacramento) during autumn, where the orchards and trees were beautiful.

  5. Julia,
    I look forward most to the changing leaves and cool crisp air. And still a bit of the kid in me for Halloween.

    • Alan, one of the things we have liked best about our Alexandria townhome is the festive time we have at Halloween. We are surrounded by young families and the neighbors go all out at Halloween, keeping everything cheery and safe (not gruesome or scary), with quite a parade of trick-or-treaters. Our HOA has a policy that everyone has to sit outside at the sidewalk in front of their home to distribute candy, so it’s like a big block party in the neighborhood. In 2012, I remember how it cheered me up, despite our having just gotten Jeff’s first cancer diagnosis. Little kids do wonders for the spirit — including the little kid inside each of us!

  6. Larry

    I am always reminded what our grandfather affectionately called “Daddy Oscar” would always talk about the “vernal equinox”. He was always captivated by the moment of equal days and nights.
    The other thing is the color palette that God paints in the all the trees as fall erupts with brilliant leaves. Daddy Oscar’s brother,”Uncle David”, would also point out that “no artist could paint like God does”.

    • Larry, I can’t hear the words “vernal equinox” without thinking of this commercial, which is one of my favorites ever! I am glad Daddy Oscar obviously thought more of little Vernal than Bartles and Jaymes did. 😀

  7. Halloween! Pumpkins, dressing up, the cooler air, colored leaves the crackle in the wind. I love this time of year. Fun post, Julia.

    • Thank you, Alys! I’m so happy you like the post, and fall too!

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