Dressed for Halloween

Even the President is not too busy for some Halloween fun.  October 31, 1963 Image in the public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

Even the President is not too busy for some Halloween fun. October 31, 1963
Image in the public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

There’s a ghost who haunts my bedroom,
A witch whose face is green,
They used to be my family
Till they dressed for Halloween.
Sandra Liatsos

Whether or not you plan to dress up for the holiday, I hope you’ll take the time to enjoy the cute and creative trick-or-treaters who may be showing up soon at your door.  It’s good to take time from our busy schedules to enjoy a bit of fun.  If you were going to attend a grand masquerade ball and could have an all-expenses-paid deluxe costume designer to craft a disguise for you, who or what would you choose to be?

One year ago today:

Costumes tell a story


  1. HarryS

    Halloween is not spooky like it used to be.

    I believe in the Communion of Saints.
    Faith is so marvelous!

    • Yes, Harry, it is marvelous! I have a post tomorrow about keeping Halloween innocent. Even as a child, I never really thought it spooky except in a “pretend” way. Of course, I always stayed away from the slasher/horror type of fare. There’s plenty of fun to be had without all that.

  2. Halloween is one of my favorite times of the year. Especially because it occurs during my best season of the year. And having been a teacher, the enthusiasm of the kids encouraged mine as well.

    • I think Halloween and Christmas would be the two most fun times to be a teacher. There is something so enchanting about autumn, and those holidays enhance the excitement. Teaching is a tough profession, so it’s good that the students can have such an energizing effect on us.

  3. bobmielke

    This will be the first time in my 9 years in Oregon where I can see trick or treaters at Halloween. We didn’t get any in the apartment houses or condos where I’ve been living. Now that I’m in a real house in a suburban neighborhood, Paul, my landlord and friend, says he gets a good turnout every year. I’ll try and be ready with my camera and flash. I’ve not used a flash in years. LOL It should be fun!

    • Bob, I can’t wait to see some of your photos! You will have a lot of fun seeing all the costumes. I always feel a little bit like a kid again. Hope you have good weather.

  4. Sheila Vann

    Julia, although I have a chrysanthemum and pumpkin by our front door we don’t attract treat or treaters. Now if Halloween fail in July it would be a different story. ☺️ Many years ago, Bill and I went out as Raggedy Ann and Raggedy Andy and that’s the most creative we’ve ever been. I’ve been thinking of you and your entire Tennessee family today. I again send my condolences. Love, Sheila

    • Sheila, that’s too bad you don’t get any trick or treaters – I’ll bet you would give out great treats! I love the idea of Raggedy Ann and Andy costumes. I can’t even remember when was the last time I dressed up for Halloween, but I’m pretty sure it was long before I was married. Jeff is definitely more of a spectator when it comes to such things.

      Thanks so much for your kind thoughts. Please keep Jennifer in your prayers. It’s going to be very hard on her; she depended on Larry so much. The next few weeks will be especially hard for everyone, but we hope and trust that comfort and healing will come with time.

      • Sheila

        Julia, I was just talking with Stephanie and the subject of “grief “came up. We never know when and where we’ll have a moment. Remembering can bring laughter, but so often a tear. I’ll never forget I was caught off guard weeks after Mom died. I was in the grocery store on the cereal aisle. Her favorite, Honey Nut Cheerios, stopped me in my tracks and the tears flowed. I can laugh now as I think of how I must have looked to others. I continue to say a special prayer for Jennifer and Larry’s family.

        • Thank you, Sheila. It’s always the odd incidents that seem to get us most, planted like tiny land mines in our subconscious. Of course, as you mention, it’s not just sorrow but also joy that we feel about these unexpected remembrances. Thanks so much for your caring and prayers!

  5. raynard

    Julia my tradition is to” watch the Charlie Brown Halloween Special. Thats about it and tttthats all folks.. lol

    • Raynard, isn’t that show a classic? I just love the part where Snoopy crashes behind enemy lines in the French countryside, and crawls in the window of an old inn, where it happens to be the Halloween party Charlie Brown and his friends are attending. Snoopy’s imagination is even more vivid than mine.

  6. Great photo, Julia. That brings me back.

    I love dressing up and this year made costumes for both of us. The boys are done with the dressing up part, but they still enjoy giving out candy and the festive atmosphere up and down the street. It’s fun.

    Because I enjoy the process and also working in a budget, I can’t think of a costume I would have made to order. Fun to think about though.

    • Yes, part of the fun is prowling the thrift stores and the closets and the junk drawers and pulling everything together! I don’t know how I would pick one costume if I had a professional designer. I’ve always loved the Indian saris – anything on this page would be fabulous with me, though I wouldn’t think of it as a Halloween costume, more like a fancy masquerade ball!

      • Those are exquisite! But if ever I manage to get one onto me – well, first off, it never looks quite so graceful, and secondly, I have to stand perfectly still. And bending over is out of the question!
        When I visited a friend in India, the little girls were wearing the Punjabi dress or salwaar type dress, but they would tie their dupatas (is that the right word? I forget) around them like a Miss America (Miss India?) sash when they played on the playground equipment! I loved it! I thought – Hey! I could do that!

        • I am green with envy that you visited a friend in India! I would so love to go there! I especially want to see Kerala, where Bindu is from. I don’t know any of the names of the clothing — I’m not even sure if the dresses in the photos I linked are saris– but I LOVE the way they look. So graceful. Bold colors, yet elegant and sophisticated. At least on these models! I agree with you, I probably would not be able to look that good in them. But a teacher at the school where I used to be a librarian wore traditional Indian dress, and though she was not a tall, stunning model, she too looked very pretty in her clothing. In fact, her wardrobe is partly how I came to love Indian dress. Most of what she wore looked quite comfortable, too.

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