By the window

Spring in Gościeradz by Leon Wyczółkowski (public domain image via Wikimedia Commons)

Spring in Gościeradz by Leon Wyczółkowski (public domain image via Wikimedia Commons)

What life can compare to this?
Sitting quietly by the window,
I watch the leaves fall and the flowers bloom,
As the seasons come and go.     — Hsueh-Tou

Don’t you love sitting quietly by a window?  I don’t make enough time for it.  I always find it calming; the combination of sunlight (or moonlight) and the sounds and colors of nature are soothing and stimulating at the same time.

For some of us, it’s now springtime; for others, it’s autumn.  Still others live near the equator, where the seasons are more subtle, but worth watching nonetheless.  What do you see outside your window today?  Feel free to send photos to share (email them as attachments to  Here’s what I saw outside my window the day I wrote this post:

Cherry blossoms outside my window April 2015

Today, I wish you a deep understanding of how incomparably blessed we are by the ever-changing, endlessly unique sights we see through our own windows!


  1. I am trying to remember to take my camera on my morning walks as the colours are so lovely at the moment. If I do, I’ll also try to remember to send you a photo xoxo

    • Pauline, that will be great! I’ll look forward to seeing some of your autumn photos. It’s chilly and gloomy today, almost like fall here on the other side of the world…

  2. Jack

    What a provocative post. In my workaday life, I look out a window at an industrial complex where trucks come and go, people hurry to get from one thing to the next. At home, my favorite window of the world points at three15 year old Alberic Barbier roses (ten days away from 1000+ blooms) and an assortment of hosta, ajuga, keria, fothergilla and other perennials that belie, at least for a moment, the frenetic pace of my workaday life.

    So the truth is I really can’t even dwell on the beauty of either for too long, so compelled am I by guilt or conscience or temperament to go out and work on something. Progress, not perfection, right?

    • Jack, I do have to point out that the world has to have people who are wanting to go out and get to work, otherwise those of us who like to gaze out at windows might starve. 😀 But seriously, believe it or not, I always enjoy urban views too. Whenever I’ve stayed on the upper floors of a hotel in the city, I can get mesmerized looking out the windows, especially at night. Trucks in an industrial complex wouldn’t be so charming, but I’d enjoy watching the people. It sounds as if you have some glorious sights out your window at home. I hope you will make plenty of time to enjoy them and put the guilt (or temperament or whatever) on hold long enough to appreciate the view now and then.

  3. Sheila

    Julia, this was such a lovely post and I loved how your view so duplicated the painting. As a little girl, I had pink dotted swiss curtains in my bedroom and I still remember how they would blow in the breeze when the windows were opened. Thank you for taking me there today! Have a wonderful weekend. 🙏 Thinking of you often and fondly, Sheila

    • Sheila, I haven’t seen dotted swiss for such a long time, but I always loved it. Probably my favorite of the many bridesmaid dresses I wore over the years was a light pink dotted swiss that I wore in Jeff’s sister’s wedding (to Larry, whom we lost recently). Pink dotted swiss curtains would have been lovely. I also have fond memories of the breezes that were an everyday thing before homes had air conditioning. We have had a nice long weekend at our York home, relaxing and also getting some much-needed chores done. Yesterday was gloriously beautiful and I was able to do a bit of weeding, planting, mulching and generally enjoying the spring flowers. I spent a few hours at the Yorktown Garden Stroll and really wish you could have been with me! I’m sure there will be photos to come. Enjoy what remains of your weekend! You are never far from my thoughts.

      • Julia, I have thought of Larry in his absence here. I have also wondered if Jeff’s mom is able to enjoy your blog that Larry read to her. We are a family of sorts, aren’t we? Until tomorrow, Sheila

        • Sheila, we definitely are a family of sorts, something that is a marvel to me. You have actually stayed in closer touch with me, and know more about the immediate goings-on in our lives and that of both Jeff’s family and mine, than many of our relatives and close friends. I deeply appreciate your willingness to become part of our world. You are always welcome here!

          Sadly, Jeff’s mom does not get to read the blog regularly anymore. Those morning visits are now a big gap in her life that Larry once filled. I have asked Jeff whether he thought I could teach her to use a computer on her own; we’d happily buy her one, but he doesn’t think she would want to fool with it by herself. Knowing the frustrations I often have with computers, I understand his reservations, but so wish she could be with us daily as Larry enabled her to be. We all agree that no one misses Larry more than Mama does. He was a true son to her, and since he lost his own parents when he was very, very young, their relationship was special.

  4. I didn’t see anything as nice as that yet, Julia.
    But, spring is just beginning here.

    • Alan, I hope it will only be a short time now before the flowers start bursting into bloom. Around here it happened very quickly. Our azaleas at York are putting on quite a show, and the ones in Alexandria have their buds ready to go. Your spring may be a bit later than ours, but I’m sure you will have blooms long after ours have dried up in the heat. Happy Sunday tomorrow!

  5. Beautiful…outside your window! 🙂

    • Thank you Merry! It’s rainy outside our York window today, but the azaleas are still a pretty picture. Hope you are doing well!

  6. Julia, I love sitting in my living room and gazing at the garden. When we remodeled a decade ago, we removed two narrow windows and the fireplace and replaced it all with one, 12-foot window. It’s glorious. On any given day I see squirrels, hummingbirds, finches, mourning doves, and in May, crows. I love watching the leaves move in the breeze and always marvel at one seems to appear overnight. I’m convinced that the spring garden grows by leaps and bounds overnight.

    I”m glad you’ve had the chance to work in your garden and to spend time at home in York. I did a lot of weeding this week too and it feels great. My back and neck don’t approve, but that is another story.

    • Alys, we recently visited friends who had a sunroom with windows that went all around and up to the ceiling — WOW! it made our sunroom seem like a regular room by comparison. I would love to have a 12-foot window; it would be about the only thing that might make it bearable to remove a fireplace, even in CA! 😀 There is nothing like natural light and a continual REAL “nature channel” to watch.

      Re: the back and neck protesting the weeding — you probably already have one, but if not, I recommend one of those little rolling seat/carts for gardening. I don’t know how I would have survived without mine. I’ve been using it for over ten years now and it’s held up amazingly well. I got it for less than $20 when we first moved here, but have been looking to replace it and haven’t seen one like it since. I need to start searching online, I guess. Whenever I don’t use it, my body talks back to me the next morning!

  7. bobmielke

    One of the reasons I love photography is my ability to preserve what I see and share it. I’m passionate about the quality of my images because, like any artist, I want the viewer to be immersed in the scene, to literally feel that they can reach out and smell the flowers, touch the petals and caress a loving child’s face.

    • Bob, I noticed that right away with you animal photos; they look so alive that I almost feel as if I’m seeing them firsthand. It’s been years since I’ve seen a lion as magnificent as some of the ones you photograph, but thanks to your images, I feel as if I can “visit” them anytime!

  8. LB

    A beautiful reminder, Julia.
    Thank you

    • Thanks, LB! I appreciate your making the time to visit here. Thinking of you often and fondly!

  9. Judy from Pennsylvania

    Not quite what you’re looking for as a ‘house window’, but definitely a window to the world: through my computer I’ve been perched high up in a strong tree for weeks, watching baby eagles hatch and develop on this website It’s fascinating to see the parents bring back fish for breakfast and supper, to see the babies go from one stage to the next. Yesterday they actually walked a few steps around in the nest. A few days ago the mother became alarmed at something a you could see her screeching; within a minute, her mate showed up in the nest as if to help guard it. Otherwise you seldom see him there with her. I’m not usually a bird watcher per se but this has me and thousands of other people addicted!

    • WOW this is UNBELIEVABLY cool! To think that I was watching these sweet babies in REAL TIME! Yes, it could definitely get addictive — even in the brief minutes I allowed myself to enjoy them this morning, I found myself not wanting to leave for fear I’d miss something really good, such as the moments you describe. Thanks so much for sharing this window on these magnificent creatures. I know many people with whom I need to share this link. I’m so happy you shared it with us here! Sometimes I just love technology.

  10. Love your flowering tree and now I know exactly where you’re standing for the view. I love that. Do you still have your little pumpkin? I emailed my morning view. It of course includes Petals and Blossum. They’re part of my day from the moment I open my eyes, mostly because on of them is pawing at my face…LOL. Love and Hugs xoxox Kelly

    • YES, I still have the little pumpkin, sitting here at my feet as I write this. It’s still growing gradually lighter and showing no signs of rotting, though I did bring it downstairs where it will stay cooler. I wonder whether I’ll still have it in October? Hey, I didn’t get an email from you, and I checked my spam filter and it wasn’t there either…could you re-send it? Anything with Petals and Blossum is too good to miss!

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