Its own measure

The brick path to the river was inviting in the warm October sunshine.

“A journey implies a destination, so many miles to be consumed, while a walk is its own measure, complete at every point along the way. There are things we will never see, unless we walk to them.”  – Thomas A. Clark

On the last Sunday of October, it was an amazing 80 degrees outside at the warmest part of the day. The morning had brought hard and steady rain, but by noon the sun emerged and the landscape was quickly transformed. It was the perfect excuse to get out and walk.

At the end of that day, my Fitbit told me I had walked about five and a half miles. Since I typically walk the equivalent of two miles even on days when I don’t take walks, I estimate that my strolling amounted to about three miles. I wasn’t really paying attention. My walk, as Clark says, was its own measure.

I’ll let the photos do the talking from here on in. All these were taken on my walk that day, in my northern Virginia neighborhood on the Potomac River.  Join me for a quick virtual tour!


  1. Beautiful post! The peppers look ready for picking, 💕

    • Suzette, I agree! I was tempted to grab a few, but that was someone else’s garden plot (our neighborhood has a community garden) so I refrained. I only hope they take advantage of those last few peppers.

  2. Lani Beagle

    Beautiful pictures. 80 degrees and Fall leaves. Wonderful combination. Loved “our walk”.

    • Thank you, Lani. I am so happy to have you come along with us!

  3. Good morning, Julia!
    Seeing your majestic and charming photos, which abound in rich colors and textures, I suddenly realized one of the appealing aspects of autumn photos of water / woodlands vistas:
    These scenes are spectacular re-organizations of rainbows!
    We all love rainbows, right? And these scenes capture every imaginable color and hue, reorganized into brilliant contrasting textures and appealing shapes. It’s like a complicated piece of music; it’s impossible to take it all in at once, and of course, as the sun moves, so the scene shifts and changes. A photo lets us study the composition for a bit, we can relax into it for a while and come away refreshed and with new perspective.
    A walk in the woods is even better, I think, but photos like these that you’ve provided in this post really do fulfill at least a past of our need for this reprieve.
    Love to you,

    • Susan, I never thought about the rainbow being present in autumn, but when you add in some blue, it definitely is there– and sometimes it seems the bluest skies of all are in sunny autumn landscapes. Are you still in New England? Whether there or elsewhere, I hope you are enjoying a wonderful fall symphony! Maybe play Vivaldi’s tribute to this season as background music now and then. Love and hugs to you too!

      • Thanks for the link, Julia! I think I’m fighting a cold again (the “again” part is most irritating), and Vivaldi got me up out of bed and dancing with the leaves!
        Blessings on you!

        • Susan, I’m fighting a cold too at the moment. Maybe I’ll try some Vivaldi 🙂 along with my echinacea tea and Vitamin C. Hope you and I are both better soon! ❤

  4. Chris

    Wow, it’s beautiful! Good motivation for regular walks!
    Have a wonderful week!

    • Thank you, Chris– I’ll try to remember that motivation when the temperatures dip a bit. 🙂 Hope you have a wonderful week too. I’m having fun with my British pen pal of over 29 years, who is visiting the USA for the first time! We’ve met once before when I visited her in England in 2001. She is even more fun in person than in her letters. 😀

      • Chris

        Hi Julia, sounds exciting! I hope you and your guest are enjoying her visit. It’s good to spend time in fellowship. Continue to have a memorable week!

        • Thanks Chris — you too!

  5. Susan

    Gorgeous! Thanks for sharing!

    • You’re welcome! I know some of those scenes are probably familiar to you. 🙂

  6. How beautiful! I always hope to see fall on the East Coast one day! ❤

    • Well I hope so too…and you know where to stay! 😀 ❤

  7. Harry Sims

    Ah! Wisdom.

    Wisdom defeats despair.


    • Proverbs 3:13-14

  8. Maryellen Davis

    How lovely Julia!

    • Thank you, Maryellen! Hope you are doing well.

  9. What AMAZING pictures! Thanks for sharing them 😊

    • You are most welcome. Thanks for being here with us!

  10. Sheila

    Julia, your walk and its beauty along the way is a nice way to enjoy this rainy afternoon. The weather has cooled here so my thoughts turn to pansies, with their sweet little faces, much like your photo! I had my cataract surgery yesterday and did enjoy your post in the afternoon. My comment “went away” in my blurred state so I’ll try again. Lawdy mercy! 🥰 I know it’s fun having a faraway friend and I’m sure you’ll enjoy time shared and so much to experience together. Have fun and take time to sit and relax on our fabulous November verandah! 🧡🍁

    • Sheila, I hope you are having a smooth and rapid recovery from cataract surgery. Will you be having your other eye done soon? Sue and I are having a great time together. No matter how much I play “tour guide” in the DC and Tidewater areas, I learn new things each time. Although I’ll be ready soon for some “down time” on that Verandah! Happy fall, y’all! ❤

  11. Julia, You have a great artistic eye. Your photos always affirm that.

    • Thank you, Alan. How kind of you to say so. I don’t use my camera nearly as often as I once did, but perhaps I will gradually get back into it. I recently got out my digital SLR which I have not used since well before Jeff died. I haven’t taken any photos with it yet, but perhaps some are on the way. 🙂

  12. Harry Sims

    Ah! to be in the now.

    Ah! to walk in the now.


    • Hard to do sometimes, but well worth the effort, I think.

  13. Hello hello ! Wow, how long has it been? I have no idea, but too long. Loving the views from your walk Julia. We’re well into winter here now, but looking at the next few days as being nice and mild.
    I hope life is treating to well Julia. I’m busier than ever, working and enjoying a design team position with a gal I really admire in the scrapping world. Lucky lucky me. I’m already worried about being behind for Christmas, but really haven’t done a thing around the house yet 😀 Will you be visiting your family? We’re staying home but I’m traveling in January to Phoenix with work and Alys will meet me up there too. Hugs to you and Matt xoK

    • Hello my friend, it is always such a joy to hear from you. I will try to send you an email or letter soon to catch up. Love and hugs! ❤

  14. Carol Hoyos

    Julia, did I miss something? You haven’t posted for weeks and I’m wondering why? I hope nothing has happened and that you are well. We miss you, take care. 🥰

    • Hi Carol, thanks for noticing my absence. Yes, I am well…just needing some time off for now. I appreciate your being here and checking on me!

      • Harry Sims

        Thank you and God bless you.

      • Carol Hoyos

        I understand completely,,,,. 😘

  15. Susan

    We miss you Julia. Prayers for peace and rest during this season. Blessings to you.

    • Sue, thank you so much. Thanks, too, to all of you who have contacted me privately via email or FB message. I truly appreciate your presence in my life and I’m grateful for your support!

  16. Rene

    We appreciate your presence & support as well! Happy 2020!

    • Thank you, Rene! I have thought of you often and wondered how you are doing.

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