Always a frontier

The American West, somewhere between California and Wyoming, 2004

The American West, somewhere between California and Wyoming, 2004

“Where there is an open mind there will always be a frontier.”Charles F. Kettering

I admire the courage of those who venture into new territory.  From the explorers of ancient times up through the astronauts of today, we have always needed trailblazers who are willing to lead the way into an unknown future.  So much that we take for granted was made possible by those who have gone ahead of us and created  paths.

There are all kinds of pioneers.  When our younger son was five years old, special education was relatively new, and normally it was confined to self-contained classrooms in specific schools.  Our son began kindergarten at his home school as one of the first students with significant disabilities ever to go there.  In his way, he too was a pioneer, as were the school administrators who encouraged us to let Matt try “regular” kindergarten, and the faculty who welcomed him and facilitated his learning with creative adaptations in his areas of disability. Today, inclusion is the norm, backed by extensive research that establishes it as a sound educational practice that benefits all school populations. But just a couple of decades ago, it was new and untried, and there were many who feared it.

Whether your frontiers are headline-grabbing ventures, voyages of exploration, or just a quiet determination to find a better way to approach a persistent problem, I wish you the joy of discovery.

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