Our song

The rose window of Sainte-Chappelle, Paris, 2005

The rose window of Sainte-Chappelle, Paris, 2005

“Do not abandon yourselves to despair. We are the Easter people and hallelujah is our song.”John Paul the Great

Though I have never been a Roman Catholic, I was drawn to the writings of John Paul II.  His erudition and resolve impressed me, but I connected most with his steadfast devotion to the theme that came to define his papacy: “Fear not!”

Today is the most joyful holiday in the Christian calendar, the culmination of the story that begins with the incarnation of “God with us” that so many people celebrate at Christmas.  Whether or not you observe Easter as a religious holiday, I wish for each of you who read this message the confident faith, enduring hope and unshakable joy I feel today.  May we all live in recognition that “hallelujah is our song.”


  1. Thank you, Julia, and John Paul the Great!
    This reminder is especially meaningful this year.

    • Yes, I agree!

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