The unexpected

This freight train obviously had the right of way! Santa Cruz, California, 2003

This freight train obviously had the right of way! Santa Cruz, California, 2003

“Look how often the unexpected happens – and yet we still never expect it!”
Ashleigh Brilliant

There’s never a shortage of surprises in California, and that’s part of why it was so much fun to live there. One sunny day in Santa Cruz, we were waiting in line at a four-way intersection, assuming the traffic backup was just the normal beach crowds. But then we saw something we’d never seen before, and haven’t seen since: a freight train coming right down the center of the city street, which trains apparently share with cars whenever they pass through.

Nobody around us seemed fazed by it, so it was obviously business as usual around there. But we got a real kick out of having a long freight train pass by our car windows so closely that we could have almost reached out and touched it. I image that the fun of it wears off pretty quickly for those who live there, but for us, it was a delightful surprise.

Today, I wish you something fun, friendly or at least interesting– and unexpected!

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