What we enjoy

Some favorite things: teapots, England, Lewis Carroll, Darla's home and pretty much everything in it, including Darla! Yorktown, December 2012

Some favorite things: teapots, tea, England, Lewis Carroll, Darla’s home
and pretty much everything in it, including Darla! Yorktown, December 2012

“I think we delight to praise what we enjoy because the praise not merely expresses but completes the enjoyment…”C. S. Lewis

Tea. Books. Friends. Flowers. Animals. Family. I hope nobody is getting sick of seeing these and other topics here, over and over, because I have so much fun writing about what I enjoy — including anything written by C. S. Lewis, my favorite author.

I think it’s good exercise for our spirits when we praise what we enjoy, and express gratitude for the amazingly abundant blessings we share.  Let’s make this post the online extension of the song “My favorite things.” Play the song linked there, and no matter whether you feel sad or happy right now, I bet it will lift your spirits.  Then think of some of YOUR favorite things.  Jump in and tell us about them in the comments below.

Meanwhile, lets see…Christmas. Springtime. Music. Cinnamon rolls. Photographs. Fresh fruit. Ice Cream. Cookies baking. Rain at night. Sunny days. Birds singing. Nice surprises…

More wisdom from C. S. Lewis:

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