A virtue in itself

Sweetie with a sweetie: Aunt Peggy with her winsome cockatiel, December 2011

Sweetie with a sweetie: Aunt Peggy with her winsome cockatiel, December 2011

“A good disposition is a virtue in itself, and it is lasting; the burden of the years cannot depress it, and love that is founded on it endures to the end.” Ovid

I can’t think of anyone with a better disposition than my Aunt Peggy.  She has endured more than a few experiences that would have made most people bitter, but she remains one of the most loving, giving and reliably fun people I have ever had the pleasure to know.  When I visit her, I always leave wishing we had more time together.  And I think anyone who knows her could say the same.

Not only does Peggy enjoy life; she helps others to do likewise.  Her home, exquisitely decorated year round, is absolutely enchanting at Christmas.  Her beautiful flower arrangements enhanced our wedding and every home we have lived in for over thirty years. Even her husband LeVern and her cockatiel Sweetie are delightful – and who wouldn’t be, living with someone who is unfailingly comforting, supportive and compassionate?

I hope you will brighten your own day by thinking of those rare people you know who can face gracefully whatever life dishes out; those who make the burdens a little lighter for each person they meet.  If it’s appropriate, maybe send them a quick thank-you note today, or let them know how much they have added to your happiness.  I thank God for my Aunt Peggy, and for all the people like her whose good cheer adorns a world sorely in need of it.

This post was first published seven years ago today. Since that time, Aunt Peggy has become a widow for the second time, her sweet husband LeVern having died some time ago. Before that, she and LeVern lost Sweetie, who died after many happy years of bringing delight and laughter to their home. In her sorrow, Aunt Peggy understands what I have endured and is a continual source of love and support as I cope with the loneliness following many losses of the past five years. And I’m happy to say that Peggy is still the same fun-loving, sweet and cheerful soul she always has been, coping bravely with the isolation of living alone in the post-COVID world. For a gregarious person who loves other people as much as Peggy does, this must be a trial for her, but her beautiful love of life always shines through.

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  1. Susan

    I’m so glad you still have Aunt Peggy in your life! I’ve been blessed with wonderful aunts and it is sad when we lose them. I’ll be visiting one of them this week (outside, on the lawn) and talking on the phone with another today. A lovely recognition of her, and a sweet picture.

    • Susan, how lucky that you can visit her, even if from the lawn! And I know both aunts appreciate your staying in touch. 😀 Almost as good as having an aunt is being one. I’ve enjoyed being an aunt during the shutdown, “seeing” two of my nephews and one of my nieces regularly at “Zoom church” (we all visit my sister’s church services via Zoom). It has been one good thing to come from this mostly nasty pandemic. Are you venturing out to restaurants yet? If so, maybe we can meet for lunch somewhere soon, masks and all. Meanwhile, thanks for being here!

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