It all depends

Mom and Carla opt for the rarely accidental swing, Lake Sinclair GA, May 2003

Mom and Carla opt for the rarely accidental swing, Lake Sinclair GA, May 2003

“Now then, Pooh,” said Christopher Robin, “where’s your boat?”
“I ought to say,” explained Pooh as they walked down to the shore of the island, “that it isn’t just an ordinary sort of boat. Sometimes it’s a Boat, and sometimes it’s more of an Accident. It all depends.”
“Depends on what?”
“On whether I’m on the top of it or underneath it.”  
―   A.A. Milne    

I just love Pooh.  When I read this quote, it made me smile.  Many things in my life, from computers to cars to cooking, are sometimes more of an Accident.  It all depends.

On this busy Monday, I wish you a day that’s relatively free of such Accidents.  But if you do have one (or even a few), I hope they are mild enough to remind you of Pooh’s philosophical sense of humor, so you don’t give up on whatever Boat of yours may have capsized today.  Tomorrow it may be a Boat again, and you may be on the top of it.  It all depends!

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  1. Good morning, Julia!
    It all depends.
    Thanks so much for sharing this illuminating insight!
    I hope I can be as nonplussed as Pooh during my next accidental experience!

    • I wish I could ask Pooh if there’s any in-between? Sometimes I can’t decide whether I’m dealing with an accident, or something whose true nature I simply never understood. Computers, for example…

  2. Susan

    My oldest grandson adopted Winnie the Pooh as his favorite character early on, so now we are totally a Pooh family! This brightened my morning 🙂 .

    • As with all truly great children’s literature, Pooh can reach people on many levels, and is arguably as popular with adults (and for that matter, teenagers) as with very young children. There is a lot of wisdom among Pooh and his friends. Did you see the movie Goodbye Christopher Robin? It was really good, though I’m not sure how factual it was.

      • Susan

        I thought it was very sad. But well-done, yes. I read that there is another live-action Winnie the Pooh movie in planning, although with the pandemic who knows whether it will actually happen. (I did NOT like the live-action version of The Lion King; it was too grim and frightening, without the charm of the cartoon version.) We’ll see what happens with that!

        • We saw the Broadway touring company production of The Lion King a few years back, and it was really good. Having said that, The Lion King has never been a favorite of mine. I realize there are others who really love it, but it just didn’t do much for me. My boys liked it, though.

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