A blissful perfection

George, Jeff and Matt take a ride on George's Gator. Russellville, Alabama, November 2011

George, Jeff and Matt take a ride on George’s Gator. Russellville, Alabama, November 2011

“There is a blissful perfection in even the smallest, most mundane facets of everyday life, and appreciating this is an important source of happiness…Humans adapt to any type of experience, but scholars suggest that we’re less likely to adapt to tiny pleasures because, by their nature, they are unexpected and different each time they occur.” -– Tammy Strobel

So that explains it!  I always knew small pleasures were magical, but I didn’t realize that part of their perfection lies in their seeming insignificance.  To put it another way, when we’re not expecting anything, we are often pleasantly surprised.  I wish you a season of the most blissfully mundane moments of everyday life, along with the recognition of their hidden riches.

One year ago today:

The true measure of our thanksgiving

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  1. Good morning, Julia!
    This is certainly fitting for life at home during covid-19: “blissfully mundane moments of everyday life”
    Yesterday as I was finishing up my day’s work online, Patrick started practicing piano. What a treat! I just picked up my knitting, and sat at my desk, listening. Blissfully. It couldn’t have happened if we hadn’t been stuck here at home together.

    • Sounds lovely, Susan! and yes, it wouldn’t have happened under “normal” circumstances. Perhaps there is a lesson for the future here?

  2. mike c.

    Have you ever had turducken? Mike got one for thanksgiving. It had some kind Andouille sausage stuffing which was a little spicy -but good i thought. Boneless turkey breast outside of a chicken breast ,outside of a duck breast with stuffing. Not bad i thought from Marietta meat market on Roswell road. Supposed to be a Calun thing. Not sure i would order this in a restaurant.

    • No, I’m not much of a meat or poultry lover, so I doubt I would get it either. But at least you got to share Thanksgiving vittles with a loved one, which is more than many of us could do.

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