All is bright

Pasha always loved to relax under the Christmas tree.  December 2010

Pasha always loved to relax under the Christmas tree. December 2010

“All is calm, all is bright.”Fr. Joseph Mohr, as translated by John F. Young

Today I’m having to keep telling myself to take a few deep breaths and stay calm. Being so far behind on household tasks such as cleaning and bill paying, as well as trying to enjoy at least some of the things I love to do at Christmas, I’m less patient than I need to be with the inevitable glitches that pop up here and there.

On Wednesday afternoon as I write this, the latest minor crisis is an error in Jeff’s home care supplies that were supposed to be given to him or delivered by now, but somehow got left out of the package.  Since it’s something urgently needed, it meant 4 hours of trying to cut through bureaucratic red tape and find a way to get the supplies immediately (“immediate” is a word not normally applicable to anything related to the federal government).  Now we have to drive back up to Bethesda to pick up a few items that should have come home with us in the bagfuls of other, more easily obtained things such as gauze and tape, having determined that some medical supplies cannot be procured any other way.  So, though this carol has never been my particular favorite, I find myself in need of its serene images today.

When I checked to see what was posted one year ago, it was interesting to see that it was about simplicity. Perfect timing! If you find yourself rushing around and getting a bit impatient, join me in taking a few quick minutes (I’m taking mine here, as I write this) to remember that the big picture cannot be spoiled by irritating details. I wish you heavenly peace!

One year ago today

Any simple thing

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  1. Timely reminder to take each day as it comes and try to stay calm. Thanks for sharing (again)

    • Thanks Johnny! For a highly-strung person such as I am, such reminders (even when they come from me) can’t come often enough.

  2. AMEN!

  3. Julia for you at a time when minds need stilling and hearts calmed.

    “The One Awaited”

    How strange this night; like no other. With silence and stillness beyond compare. So dense the air of forlornness. Trials of days gone by and trials yet to come, pale in contrast to those that lie within. So heavy the burden of life.

    All attention is now given to an unoccupied crib, humble in nature; its purpose yet to unfold. And within its emptiness, so go our hearts. A weary faithful world awaits.

    In an instant of time long measured, the veil of obscurity is lifted; revealing the eagerly anticipated visage. For now, in the crib resides all beauty, all purity, all innocence; empowered by divine love.

    The radiance of this infant presence instills light in the darkest of human hearts. And in so doing removes the sting from suffering, despair and death. Order is restored, trust renewed and truth has its place.

    So, then, to whom may joyous voices freely sing their praise; and homage be paid? Who is this advocate of salvation, peace and good will? It is He, God’s gift of love; in whom all hope is well placed.

    • That’s beautiful, Alan. Did you write that? “He…in whom all hope is well placed” is a lesson many of us have to grow old to learn well and truly. As in your poem “Finding One’s Home,” sometimes we have to learn where peace and hope don’t lie, to learn where they do. But I’m thankful the lesson is there, for all with the heart to learn it. Joy to the World!

      • Julia,
        I’m glad that you enjoyed the poem and had for you the meaning intended. Yes, I wrote it and each year I find that our pastor includes it in our Advent Church bulletin.
        Again a blessed and peaceful Christmas my dear friend.

  4. Wow, thank you for sharing that, Alan.

  5. Lydia E Gama

    Beautiful, Alan. So inspiring!

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