It takes courage

Crocus blooms at Keukenhof, March 2007

Crocus blooms at Keukenhof, March 2007

“It takes courage to be crocus-minded…Highly irregular. Knifing through hard-frozen ground and snow, sticking their necks out, because they believe in Spring and have something personal and emphatic to say about it.” Jo Sorley

Deciding to have faith and hope isn’t always easy, but it is a decision, and one that comes more naturally for some than for others.  If you find your spirits drooping a bit, think of the hardy crocus.  It’s always a welcome sight, eagerly popping up to be the first to greet springtime. Those early flowers bring us joy long before the steady warmth of the sun lures us outdoors.

As we move ever closer to another spring, I wish you many harbingers of the beautiful season to come.  Have a crocus-minded day!

One year ago

Simply unbelievable

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  1. mike

    Gibbs garden may open early this year. Daffodils also have some faith. And may be early risers this year.

    • As I’ve mentioned so many times, here, daffodils are my all-time favorite flower. That has not changed over my entire life. One day, I simply MUST visit Gibbs garden! I’ll let you know when I do.

  2. Sheila

    Good rainy morning to y’all, cold along with that rain. We must be crocus-minded and know every day brings us closer to Springtime sun and warmth. Hope your Florida trip was delightful and assume you’re back home now. We’ve had our booster shot and feel much more secure now, concerning Covid and being out! It’s a very quiet beach these days, as we still enjoy our daily walks with Jack around the neighborhood. Thank you for continuing to post every day, always my “happy dance time”! Hi to Matt♥️ Love crosses the miles✝️

    • Sheila, thanks so much for being here. As mentioned, we have much catching up to do and that February Verandah is so fabulous. I’ve made two trips to Florida in January and have another one scheduled this month. I’m not yet eligible for the Covid vaccine but since I’ve already had Covid, I supposedly have at least a bit of immunity. My sense of smell is beginning to return, and I’m happy for that. Matt is eligible for the vaccine due to his heart condition, and will be getting it soon, but he’s been directly exposed at least four times and has not gotten it (unless the case was so mild as not to show up on any of the tests he had done) so he must be naturally resistant to it. Yes, I’ve come to love January and February because the days get a bit longer each day…

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