The last thing on my mind

We'd only just begun: Jeff and me in May, 1978.

We’d only just begun: Jeff and me in May, 1978.

“I don’t understand why Cupid was chosen to represent Valentine’s Day.  When I think about romance, the last thing on my mind is a short, chubby toddler coming at me with a weapon.”  — Author Unknown

Let’s just say I’m not a typically romantic woman.  I’ve tried reading contemporary romance novels, but I can’t seem to finish one; I find them boring, insulting, or both.  I don’t like expensive restaurants, fine wines or pricey jewelry.  I don’t find Tom Cruise or Brad Pitt or George Clooney appealing at all; I much prefer Dustin Hoffman or Gary Sinise.

I had no desire whatsoever for a big wedding, and in fact, I spent as little time as possible planning ours, with every bit of my wedding outfit borrowed from friends.  I couldn’t wait for it to be OVER. I didn’t want a wedding, I wanted a marriage. (OK, and a honeymoon!) 🙂

When it comes to romantic relationships, I’m an oddball.  In fact, until Jeff came along, I wasn’t sure I’d ever really love anyone.  But when I fell, I fell hard, and it stuck.  Our relationship has been far from an easy one, but he’s still my one and only Valentine.

This year, I find myself having come full circle from the time the photo above was taken, nearly 36 years ago.  Now as then, I find myself wishing for many more holidays with Jeff, all too uncertain as to whether I will be granted my wish.  But also, now as then, I am feeling more optimistic each day that these wishes — OUR wishes — will come true.

Yet feelings are notoriously unreliable, aren’t they?  Sometimes.  In this case though, I think my optimism is as well founded as it was then.  Maybe our fairy tale isn’t a typical one, but despite a lot of anxiety and sorrow, it does seem to have more than its share of “happily ever after.” I choose to believe that pattern will continue.  Meanwhile, I celebrate the joy of NOW, and of knowing the odds for Jeff’s survival have improved considerably over the past year.

On this day we associate with hearts and flowers, I wish for you the happiness of HOPE for a future full of love and joy.  Happy Valentine’s Day!  Please click here for a Valentine  and the chance to design (and save) a virtual floral arrangement!

One year ago today

The fullness of peace

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  1. Susan

    Oh, Julia. I don’t have any adequate words, but sending you love. What a precious photo.

    • Thank you Susan. ❤ I've always loved that photo and it is less painful to see it now, than it was even a year ago. Baby steps…

      • Susan

        That’s comforting to hear. I hope it’s a comforting realization for you. After all you went through, baby steps are progress, even though we wish so much that they weren’t necessary.

        • Susan, it is a comfort. Thank you for understanding. ❤

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