When we sip tea

Just a few of the tins from my ELC* -- when it comes to tea, even the containers are delightful!

Just a few of the tins from my ELC* as of February 2014 —
when it comes to tea, even the containers are delightful!

“When we sip tea, we are on our way to serenity.” —  Alexandra Stoddard

With all the bad weather this winter has brought us, it’s definitely tea time.  So I couldn’t resist repeating my offer from one year ago today (which you can read about at the link below). Anyone who would like me to send them a tea bag or two from my *embarrassingly large collection, just send me your address in the comments (which I will NOT publish online – I’ll delete the address from the rest of your comment).  Be sure to let me know what types you prefer – black, green, white, herbal, fruit, caffeine, decaf, etc. — I probably have something to fit most every taste.

And a special thanks to the many blog readers who have sent me tea over the past year.  I’ve been the recipient of unique teas from some fairly exotic places – Alaska, Hawaii, even Prince Edward Island (home of Anne of Green Gables, a special tea made in her honor) as well as some delicious traditional flavors.  I feel as if I’ve been having a virtual tea party with so many of you all year long!  So let’s raise a cup to the end of this unusually harsh North American winter — whenever that will be — and keep warm inside while we wait for the outside to catch up.

Here’s to serenity!

One year ago today:

Tea will

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  1. Good morning, Julia!
    Thanks so much for this lovely interlude. This winter has been harsh here in Minnesota, too. It’s been one of those years where February has been colder than January.
    Have you found a variety of green tea that you especially like? If so, I’d love to try it.
    At Christmas this past year, I wrote a “play” with a part for each person in my family. (It was fun, and it kept changing as more, or fewer people became available, and we had some last-minute stand-ins). I sent out “props” for everyone, for them to open and (optionally) use through the play. Due to convenience in sending, a bag of tea made it into the storyline. It was a lot of fun!

    • Susan, this reminds me of the March sisters in Little Women. It does sound like fun! Green tea is still not my favorite (I love black tea best and white tea second best) but I like all sorts of chai, and I have found it available in green tea sometimes. I tend to mix my green tea with other teas. It doesn’t taste bad by itself, it’s just not as delicious as the others, so it helps to blend it. But it’s the nutritional superstar of the tea family, so the effort is worth it. If drinking green tea without mixing it, I tend to like Mao Feng the best. Also, you might try Oolong – like a midpoint between green and black. Many people love jasmine green, but I’m not particularly wild about the taste, though the aroma is splendid.

  2. Raynard

    Julia Good morning. It’s been awhile. Since the holidays and having to put Oliver down and adopting Destiny we have been extremely busy. Just recently Mary’s work schedule changed and Destiny broke a few toes in her left rear paw. Have not done alot of tea drinking this winter hot anyway just green. Hope you and Matt are surviving the snow and cold. Maybe I can tell Alexa play sounds of a crackling fireplace and then the sounds of spring I digress

    • Hey there old friend (“old” in the “longstanding” sense, not the literal sense, but of course we are spring chickens who don’t need to worry about that 😀 ) It is great to hear from you again. I figured you guys were staying busy. I know you must still miss sweet Oliver but I am glad you have a new adoptee to keep you busy. Sounds like I might need to send you a few tea bags for inspiration. Matt and I are surviving by escaping to the warmer regions (a.k.a. Florida) when we can. But I still think you need to get that Alexa fire crackling with maybe some chirping birds in the background. Hey speaking of springtime sounds, the tree frogs here have already started up their noisy nighttime chorus so can warm weather be far behind? I keep hatching plans with Susan to come up to Delaware to see you, Mary and the DuPont Gardens. That’s either a promise or a threat, you can decide which!! The Covid lockdown is holding Susan hostage in Minnesota right now but the CDC is in heavy negotiating mode and I bet she will be heading back to New England again as soon as they let her. Give Mary our love and remember to THINK SPRING!!!

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