A nation that does not know

History students, remember this important event! Lexington, Virginia, August 2004

History students, remember this important event!  Lexington, Virginia, August 2004

“In the words of a very famous dead person, ‘A nation that does not know its history is doomed to do poorly on the Scholastic Aptitude Test.’…We constantly see surveys that reveal this ignorance, especially among our high school students, 78 percent of whom, in a recent nationwide multiple-choice test, identified Abraham Lincoln as ‘a kind of lobster.’ That’s right: more than three quarters of our nation’s youth could not correctly identify the man who invented the telephone.”Dave Barry

In honor of April Fool’s Day, I’m featuring a funny quote from (who else?) Dave Barry.  Feel free to send along links to your favorite online jokes or You Tube videos.  And beware of anyone who gives you information that might be a prank in disguise.

Wishing you a day of fun and laughter!

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