If you removed the rocks

The flowers and grass are lovely, but the rocks add something too. Montreal Botanical Garden, May 2009

The flowers and grass are lovely, but the rocks add something too.
Montreal Botanical Garden, May 2009

“The brook would lose its song if you removed the rocks.” — Fred Beck

I’ve written about flowers here too many times to remember, but today I’d like to acknowledge that life is also enhanced by those objects and events that are less flashy, less exciting, and maybe somewhat difficult.

What, after all, would be the point of a vacation if there was nothing to vacate?  Without the weekdays, there could be no weekend, and holidays would hardly be special if the everydays were not more numerous.

If today or this week or this month seems hard or dull or too typical, use your imagination to recapture a bit of that delicious feeling of returning home after a long trip and sleeping in your own bed.  Or the pleasure of curling up in the evening with a good book after a long, grinding day.  Or even just a few minutes sitting down with a cup of tea or coffee after you’ve been on your feet for awhile.

All these joys are brought to you by the more tiring business (and busyness) of life, which makes the special moments possible, and shines a bright light in their direction.  So if you encounter rocks today — which you almost certainly will — remember they are part of the music.

One year ago today:

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  1. Judy from Pennsylvania

    Oh my, I just want to step into this picture and soak up the peacefulness of the brook and greenery. The rocks perfectly anchor the scene and provide a sense of permanence. I actually had my computer make the photo into a full screen view so I could just sit here and absorb the beauty of this place. Lovely, Julia, just lovely!

    • Thank you, Judy! I’m so happy you like it and I hope you enjoy it. Seeing the photo brings back the beauty of that day.

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