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At the Trevi Fountain in Rome, May 2008. We threw our coins, so we hope the legend comes true for us!

At the Trevi Fountain in Rome, May 2008.
We threw our coins, so we hope the legend comes true for us!

Our wedding was many years ago.  The celebration continues to this day.”
Gene Perret

This month Jeff and I celebrate our 34th wedding anniversary.  Each year for us is a distinct milestone now, and with each anniversary that passes, we have more reasons to gratefully celebrate that we are still here together, living and loving through whatever comes.

Life really is (or at least should be) a continual celebration.  As with all celebrations, there are those less-than-pleasant details that go along with anything festive: laborious planning, budget realities, last minute complications, crushing disappointments, people who are unexpectedly absent and sorely missed.

Yet there are all the rewards that make the challenges worthwhile: laughter, love, the joy of lasting friendships, new arrivals to the party, delightful surprises, and a feeling of happy exhaustion as the production winds down.

Whatever milestones or special moments we may observe this month or this year, I hope we can carry a festive spirit with us into each day we are granted.  What do you have to celebrate today?

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The celebration

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