A morning inside you

A white heron catches the light at Disney World, August 2003.

A white heron catches the light at Disney World, August 2003.

There is a morning inside you waiting to burst open into Light.”Rumi

One recent morning, when I was up early, I stepped out onto our deck and was surrounded by the beautiful song of birds and the sound of the nearby creek flowing.  Since I had the time, I grabbed my camera to catch just a few seconds of the sound.  A few seconds is all I got, because my memory card was too full for anything more.

How like life.  It’s just too full of unattended business to savor as much of the gorgeous wealth around me as I would like to savor.  Perhaps if I cleared my video card more often, I would have room to capture moments such as this.  Perhaps if I cleared my life of onerous busy work, I would have more time for beauty.

But perhaps a few seconds are better than nothing.  Perhaps a few seconds are perfect.

Here is the clip, embedded below.  I hope these few seconds are refreshing to you, as they still are to me.

One year ago today:

God’s handwriting

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  1. Raynard Shellow

    Julia as I start my day The army way. Doing more before 9 than most people do all day.Then our dog Destiny gets up helps me eat my breakfast,then takes a cat nap. It’s the simple things.I just had a Motown moment as the Diana Ross &The Supremes song Reflections goes thru my head. I digress . As you well know about my time spent over in Iraq. I’m not fond of beaches but have a desire to go to Myrtle beach and The Outter Banks of N.C. Is this what turning 60 is all about? Help and correct me As the sand passes thru the hourglass These are the Days of our Lives. I digress. Be safe Be well,Be good.

    • Hi Raynard, it is always a joy to read your reflections, like a snapshot into your mind. Even those who are not big on beaches, such as Jeff, like the Outer Banks. Jeff and I were both surprised how much we enjoyed it. When we were there, it felt less like a tourist haven than we had expected it to be. I hope you are able to go, if you have not already been. And happy 60th! I could not remember the exact date we met you at the Shady Maple, but it remains a happy memory for me (and Susan and Matt as well, I’m sure). Please give Mary my love and give Destiny an extra treat for me. So far I am safe and fairly well. I’m working on the “good.” Sending you wishes for many blessings my friend!

  2. Good morning, Julia!
    Yes. I need to “clear my life of onerous busy work.”
    The sounds of your deck are a lovely way to start the day. Perfect.

    • Thank you, Susan! I’m so glad you liked it.

  3. Susan

    Julia, wow yes, as usual you have captured some deep insight in a brief post! I do feel like the “onerous busy work” saps too much time and energy. You wrote this long before the pandemic, but it’s a good reminder as we emerge from it to have a newfound appreciation for things beyond the busy work — like our lovely lunch together! I’m so glad we took the time for that. I especially appreciated it as you had just done a huge amount of work on a major project.

    • Susan, lunch with you was like a giant reward to me for all that had kept me busy. It was perfect. People say this all the time, but we really MUST get together more! Please let me know whenever you head this way. The kettle is always on and your are always welcome, even (especially) when the home isn’t “company-ready.” ❤

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