Out there, waiting

One of many faraway places I dream of visiting - again, or for the first time? Can anyone guess where this is?

One of many faraway places I dream of visiting – again, or for the first time?
Can anyone guess where this is?

“They say no land remains to be discovered, no continent is left unexplored. But the whole world is out there, waiting, just waiting for me…”Lisa Ann Sandell

There’s a popular saying about never being able to step into the same river twice, presumably because the river is ever-changing.  If so, we can never visit the same place twice, in the absolute sense of the word “same.”

This is both a blessing and a frustration…so many places, so little time!  And almost everywhere I go, I find myself saying “We’ll have to come back here sometime when we have more time…”  Ah, that most frequently cited delusion: “someday when there is more time.”

In any case, it’s no wonder that travel is such an alluring prospect to so many of us.  As I often tell Jeff, it takes a mighty special place to be worth leaving home to visit.  But the world is full of such special places, worth seeing again and again.  And don’t get me started about all the interesting people one could see in all these places!

As accustomed as you may be to your own home, the international community online means that at least a few of the people who read this might think of your home town, state or country as a dream destination or ideal place to visit.  If you’d like to send some photos from your home to share, I will be happy to post them here, so we can cyber-visit there for a few seconds.  The wonderful world of blogging has enabled many of us to tour the globe from home.

Whether you visit in real life or only in your imagination, I wish you the chance to enjoy many faraway places with strange-sounding names!

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And then there is…

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  1. Good morning, Julia!
    My guess is: Croatia, Spain, or Louisiana!
    Well, there are a lot of places I haven’t seen.
    Speaking of far-away places with strange-sounding-names, when I flew to Thailand, I was able to pick from several cities for my last plane transfer … I chose Kuala Lumpur. Although all I saw was an airport terminal, and that, mainly in the wee hours, I enjoyed it. There was a courtyard (it opened at 6AM), so I was even able to get outside and breathe the warm, humid air and stroll through the garden for a few minutes. Lovely.

    • Susan, I took that picture in San Francisco, back when it, like me, was in better shape than it is now. I think Malaysia, Singapore and Taiwan are all places I would love to see in person. Maybe none of them at the very top of my list, but definitely on it.

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