The past belongs

The past is yours to enjoy, and you can visit it anytime at a library, book store, antique shop or attic near you! This antique store is in North Carolina.  September 2013

The past is yours to enjoy! Visit it soon at a library, book store, antique shop or attic nearby.
This antique store is in North Carolina. September 2013

“It’s not that I belong to the past, but the past belongs to me.”Mary Antin

We can only wonder about the future, but in a very real sense, the past does belong to us.  Not only our own individual past, but the entire past, all of recorded history and much of unrecorded history as well, which we seen in rocks, trees, mountains and seas.

From our personal histories we have memories, both ours and those of our relatives: family stories, favorite recipes and esoteric traditions.  From our collective history we have unlimited wealth to mine — lessons on what to do, what not to do, fascinating lives, romances, horror stories, mysteries and suspense.  Exploring history, we learn how many things have changed…and how much will never really change, except in the details.

Those of us who love vintage styles, antique books, and heirloom jewelry, flatware or china have been “collecting” bits of the past, literally and figuratively, for years.  But if you are one who never cared for history, think about looking at it in a different way.  Go prowling in the attic of long ago, and you might find some treasures worth keeping.

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