First adventure

Grady, Braxton and Bailey having some summer fun.  July, 2014

Grady, Braxton and Bailey having some summer fun. July, 2014

“I doubt whether the world holds for anyone a more soul-stirring surprise than the first adventure with ice cream.” Heywood Broun

Unless maybe the first or second adventure with birthday cake.  (Grady got a sneak preview with Megan’s chocolate cake.)  Maybe it’s my imagination, but Bailey (she’s the one on the right) seems to be demonstrating that even very young girls tend to be a little neater.

No matter what age you are, I hope you are able to enjoy these final days of summer with just a bit of the carefree fun these one and two-year-olds seem to be having.  I don’t necessarily recommend smearing icing on your face, but perhaps observing a nearby baby or two can give you the vicarious joy of diving into something delicious with innocent abandon.

If your local toddlers are all booked up, you can still give yourself permission to devour an ice cream cone or cupcake in the spirit (if not the results) of children who are too young to know, much less care, what they might look like.  Here’s wishing you a few more weeks filled with the sweetness of summer!

One year ago today:

Summer afternoon

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  1. Lydia E Gama

    Julia, that photo is so cute! It reminded me of my daughter Lucy when she was one year old. We were living in Colombia, South America and there were mango trees all around us. One day, I couldn’t find Lucy. I was beginning to panic when I found her under a mango tree. I asked her, “Lucy, did you eat mangos?” And she said, quite seriously, “No, mamá” She was covered with mango. Her white shirt was yellow, her hair, face, hands and legs were all yellow. We have laughed so hard over the years about that adventure. Children remind us that it doesn’t take much to enjoy life if we take the time.

    • Isn’t it hilarious (or maybe sometimes frustrating) when children claim innocence despite all evidence to the contrary? Thank you for sharing this sweet story. Yes, we have much to learn from children, who so often see what we miss.

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