Unfailing love

We are surrounded by evidence of unfailing love. Laguna Beach, July 2004

We are surrounded by evidence of unfailing love. Laguna Beach, CA,  July 2004

“The Lord loves righteousness and justice; the earth is full of his unfailing love.”
Psalm 33:5

One year ago today,  I wrote of my joy in seeing Dr. and Mrs. Rodriguez, and having a new grandson, and all the ways we had been blessed with gifts of comfort and consolation amid all the sorrows.  Now, one year later, the challenges remain, but the blessings continue to abound.

Matt is now on the other side of a risky and difficult surgery we had been dreading for five years, and he is doing well.  Jeff fights on in his war with cancer, with the emphasis having shifted to the metastatic tumors in the lungs, but he feels reasonably well most of the time, and so far is able to maintain a mostly normal life.  Grady grows more delightful by the day, and we already have been granted unforgettable times of laughter and happiness with him.

Other family members have survived scary or difficult medical crises, and we feel thankful that they all are still part of our lives.  And Al reports that Dr. Rodriguez spent some time in the hospital recently and now has a pacemaker, but at 95, that’s not so bad!  Al says Mrs. Rodriguez remains the steady, encouraging presence we have always admired.  The lives of our friends and loved ones underscore the truth that God’s mercies are new every morning.

I’m sure almost anyone reading this has had a mixture of trials and blessings for the past year.  Even if the challenges have outweighed the joys, I hope you will be given abundant reminders that we are surrounded with unfailing love.  Though righteousness and justice may sometimes appear to be in short supply, they will always reappear just when we need them most.  That’s a promise.

One year ago today:

Because we are so loved

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