We more than gain

These cherries were so lovely I had to photograph them before I ate them!  July 2014

These cherries were so lovely I had to photograph them before I ate them! July 2014

“Autumn is the mellower season, and what we lose in flowers we more than gain in fruits.”Samuel Butler

Happy first day of fall!  I hope this season is full of delightful gifts for you.  What do you most look forward to at this time of year?  Feel free to share some of your favorite autumnal images.

One year ago today:

What the world gives you

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  1. Good morning, Julia! I made a few sweaters last winter, but they don’t fit as planned, so they need some reworking. One just needs a little fixing in the shoulder area, but one may just benefit from being completely undone and re-knitted. Fortunately, that one used size 15 needles, so it could go quickly.
    Now it’s finally cool enough to hold knitting on my lap!

    • Susan, I remember how my mother’s knitting needles used to fly and how she could create the most amazing things. I could never get into knitting. I did learn to crochet granny squares but that’s about it. I always found it interesting that the knitters I knew seldom liked crochet, and those who preferred crochet did not like to knit. Wonder what that says about personality? Thank goodness we are not all alike, because that means artists of all sorts create a variety of treasures for us to enjoy.

      • I’ve also noticed, as you said, there are knitters and there are crocheters. I have made a couple things by knitting the body, and then adding crocheted trim.
        Variety is a treasure, too!

        • Wow, so this is yet another demonstration of your versatility! I do notice that trim is almost always crochet…I’ve never heard of anyone knitting trim.

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