Be the navigator

From the family archives, a photo of Daddy in flight training sometime in the mid -1960s.

From the family archives, a photo of Daddy in flight training sometime in the mid -1960s.

“Time flies.  It’s up to you to be the navigator.”Robert Orben

Though our circumstances differ, and some of us have more opportunities than others, each of us has the power to determine how we will react to the externals we cannot control.  We plan our lives much as a navigator plots a course of travel by land or sky or sea, always knowing the path may be altered by unexpected events.

We’re lucky to have at hand a variety of resources to help us make sound decisions: documented absolutes and laws, instruments that give us a fairly reliable set of readings, and stories of those who have gone before us on the route we choose to take.  If we are wise, we will pay attention to the cumulative experiences of people who have tried and failed, as well as the ones who succeeded.  We will understand that preparation is a continual process.

Most of us are fortunate in having fellow crew members with us on the journey.  Our opinions about how to handle crisis may differ, but we are reassured to know that when troubles arise, we will not be alone.

Still, none of these assets can relieve us of the responsibility of making the best of our limited time on earth.  Difficulties will sometimes frustrate us into thinking that time is dragging, but in reality, it never is.  Time really does fly, whether we are having fun or not.  Let’s do another instrument check, and keep those maps at hand.  We’ll be there before we know it.

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