They have the best

A dog riding the bicycle by Takato Marui, Osaka, Japan. Via Wikimedia Commons, Licensed under CCA 2.0

“A dog riding the bicycle” by Takato Marui, Osaka, Japan.
Via Wikimedia Commons, Licensed under CCA 2.0

“Everyone thinks they have the best dog. And none of them are wrong.”
— W.R. Purche

Years ago I saw an adorable cartoon that showed a little puppy excitedly informing his friends, “Guess what everyone? I am the world’s best dog! My human just broke the news!”  The older dogs are looking at one another with awkward expressions and one says, “Who wants to tell him?” I searched the internet in vain for that cartoon. I really wanted to share a link to it here, because it went so perfectly with this quote.

I couldn’t find any information on W. R. Purche, either, except links to this quote.  It would appear that he or she is known mainly for having said or written that thought.  Aside from possibly substituting the word “pet” or “animal companion” for the world “dog,” I would have to say it’s definitely true.  I know we had the world’s best dog, and I bet you did too, if you were fortunate enough to have one.  If not, maybe you have the world’s best cat or bird or hamster or turtle.  Lucky us!

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