Thoughtful minds

I was delighted by this colorful balcony in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, March 2004.

I was delighted by this colorful balcony in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, March 2004.

“The purest and most thoughtful minds are those which love color the most.”
John Ruskin

Well, thanks for the compliment, Mr. Ruskin! I don’t know how true it is, but I know without a doubt that I belong in the group you have described.  I am mad about color, lots of color in all shades, and I find that it can cheer me no matter how low I feel.  I tend to favor the jewel tones, but I enjoy the entire range, from pale pastels to rich browns and black.

Recently when Jeff and I were talking with a landscaper about what sorts of trees, shrubs and plants we wanted, I found myself wondering how long it would take him to catch onto the fact that I was looking only for plants with bright, vivid flowers or foliage.  After exclaiming over the rich pink hues of the flowering plum tree, the gorgeous foliage of the Japanese maple, and the camellias and azaleas with a variety of vibrant tones in leaves and flowers, I wanted to ask him, “Do you see a pattern here?” He must have, because he quit showing me the subtler shrubs that didn’t impress me as much.

I think I have lots of good company in the group of color-loving enthusiasts, so according to Ruskin, there must be quite a few “pure and thoughtful” minds out there.  Manufacturers have discovered how we go for colors, making their gadgets available in an array of lovely hues.  Cars, appliances, and office supplies feature increasingly brilliant tints.  In everything from dishes to dress, we have endless choices to bring mood-boosting beauty into our everyday life.

Fortunately, I don’t have to buy a thing to get my color fix.  I can hardly pass a paint chip display without stopping to admire the choices, even when I have no need to paint anything.  I love looking at eye shadow and nail polish for the same reason.  And I enjoy browsing the children’s picture books at public libraries and bookstores, sometimes feeling a bit of envy for today’s children who have such abundant full-color illustrations their books, which was rare when I was very young.

And when it comes to wonderful worlds of color, don’t get me started talking about Pinterest – surely one of the most addictive labyrinths of visual treats on the internet!

What colors do you love best?  Do you favor monochromatic tones, or do you tend to go for combinations, and sometimes a rainbow of shades, as I do, especially in the garden?

Whatever your favorites, I wish you a palate of perfection to brighten your life every day!

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  1. Good morning, Julia! I ha d a similar reaction to Ruskin’s quote (“yay! That’s me!”) and then wondered if maybe everyone thinks they are a color-lover.
    I may dress a bit more flamboyantly than some (also preferring jewel tones) but based on the comments I hear, a lot of people love colors, even if they don’t dress themselves in bright array.

    • Probably most people love color to some extent, but I do think some people love colors more than others do. Here are some clues, beyond clothing: stationery (assuming they use it at all), flower gardening, kitchen appliances, tools, coffee mugs, umbrellas, costume jewelry, even makeup (bright lipstick? or neutral?). If one goes by home decor, it would seem I don’t love color very much. I can’t stand “Easter egg” wall colors, much preferring neutrals, and like to stick to pastels or darker jewel tones with just a splash of color here and there. But in the garden? Don’t give me non-flowering plants, or mostly white flowers. I like flowers that shout “hello!” every time I see them.

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