Our wooded lot feels enchanted in winter.  February 2010

Our wooded lot feels enchanted in winter. February 2010

Welcome, winter. Your late dawns and chilled breath make me lazy, but I love you nonetheless.Terri Guillemets

Even in summer, I love sleeping late.  My aversion to getting up in the morning is much greater in the winter, when the cold weather makes a snug warm bed all the more appealing.

Despite this, I’m learning to appreciate rising early, even when I don’t enjoy it.  While winter brings a lazy streak, it also sparks my inner drive to get organized, set goals and form good habits.  Those winter resolutions, along with the beauty of the snowfalls such as the one I’m seeing right now, are reasons why I love winter despite the discomfort and inconvenience of inclement weather.

I hope you are enjoying January too, whatever kinds of weather it brings to where you are.  If you are in the midst of your summer, or live in a tropical climate, enjoy it!  Sip an iced tea for me, and go barefoot in the sand of a seashore whenever you have the chance.

If you, like me, are in “cozy hibernation” mode, keep that kettle on and lots of tea, coffee or cocoa handy.  Check out some of the many self-improvement articles that proliferate in January via magazines and websites, and dream of springtime.  As I keep reminding myself, it will be here before we know it!

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  1. Sheila

    Good Saturday morning, Julia and Matt. I so enjoyed your Christmas card and letter. Thank you for the update on the year, 2021. I hope Matt is doing well, will keep y’all in my prayers! Enjoy the calendar, my Club Verandah friend❣️ We have sunbeams on our porch this morning to soften the temp! Blessings cross the miles!

    • Sheila, how thoughtful of you to provide those beautiful flowers on the Verandah this cold January! You must have known that pink is my favorite color for flowers! And that water view…simply perfect. And this month’s quote talks about the wisteria blooms. I had my wisteria that grows over the pergola cut way back and now I’m a bit nervous about whether it will bloom as gloriously as it did last spring. I’ll keep you posted! Thanks for meeting me on our virtual verandah all of these years! This year will be TEN years since we first “met” here…all of us now a decade older and hopefully wiser. 😀

  2. Good that it reappears after 7 years 👍

    • Thank you, I am so happy you are here!

  3. I’ve been having some difficulty getting out of my warm bed lately.
    So I bought a “smart plug.”
    Now all I have to do is say “Alexa, turn on plug 1” and the space heater in my yoga room downstairs starts to warm the room before I even get there.
    There are certain accommodations that make winter less dreadful!

    • Hey Susan, I have a Smart Plug that I never use, but now you have given me a great idea for it…the space heater to warm up my bathroom each morning! THANK YOU for pointing out something that should have been obvious, except it wasn’t (at least, not to me). Yes, we are blessed in so many ways. I try to remember to say “Thank You” to God each time I become aware of the big and small things I tend to take for granted.

      • Hi Julia, did you set up your Smart Plug as a “routine” (so it turns on at the same time every morning) or are you using it just as needed and turning it on with your phone or voice?

        • Susan, since you know me pretty well by now, you will not be surprised to know that I STILL have never gotten around to figuring out how to set up that smart plug. I keep trying to stay ahead of the changes, but the changes keep winning!

          • I saw three plugs in a box of four, in my uncle’s garage. It seems he tried(?) To set one up, and quit after that. I haven’t found the plug that is missing from the box.

            • It’s probably stuck on the end of a cord somewhere…

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