Reality, freed

Welcome to winter on Captiva Island! I took this photo in January, 2012, but we're going there NOW.

Welcome to winter on Captiva Island!
I took this photo in January, 2013, but we’re going there NOW.

“Trapped by reality, freed by imagination.” — Nicolas Manetta*

Okay, the holidays are history now.  The winter has set in, and it has been pretty COLD lately for most of us.  Time for a quick getaway.  Come with me a lovely little spot on Captiva Island, Florida.  I’ll set the scene for you.

Everyone is invited.  Bring your seashore wardrobe and towels.  We’re all enjoying a day at the beach this sunny, warm afternoon. What beach, you ask?  This one:

Captiva beach scene Jan 2014

It’s fairly deserted as usual, except for us, of course.  We’ve been diligent with the sunscreen, so we can spend several hours out here, chatting and beach combing and dozing and reading some great novels.  If you get thirsty, head back up to the house just over the dunes. I’ve got iced tea waiting.  Plus lemonade and fruit punch, if you don’t like tea.

Captiva neighbors

No, not THAT house!  Go a few doors down…

Our beach house, Captiva Jan 2014

Yes! THIS one.

You can spread the seashells you collected out to dry on the table on the screened porch.

Seashells on table

Then we can stroll into town and pick a spot to eat.

Captiva street

After dinner, we can go outside and watch the sunset.  Bring a jacket…it’s cool on January nights, even here!

Sunset on Captiva Jan 2014

Time to head back home now.  Thank you for flying with us on Imaginary Airlines, where we go anywhere you want to go, for free, and there are never any delays!  See you again soon.

*I was unable to find any information about Nicholas Manetta, only several places that attributed this quote to him.  Maybe he is a figment of someone’s imagination.

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  1. Good one, 👍

    • Thank you, I’m glad you liked it!

  2. Judy

    “Trapped by reality, freed by imagination” is a perfect quote for some of us during these crazy days of self-imposed pandemic restrictions. Being on the beach at that island, enjoying the lovely, green tropical surroundings, no cares in the world — also perfect! For a few moments, just now, I convince myself that I’m there. It feels wonderful!

    • Judy, isn’t it amazing how our imaginations have such power? I try to remember that when I am feeding myself a diet of negativity. We are so fortunate to have such easy access to photography at little to no cost, both our own photographs and those online. Not to mention easy online access to the greatest works of art that all museums make available for digital viewing. And don’t get me started about the pleasures of a good book or magazine. There truly are countless ways we can get away to something beautiful, warm, sunny and carefree, even if only for a few minutes, from the comforts of our own home!

  3. Connie Reed

    Happy New Year Julia! Wonderful imaginary thoughts from you today. Loved reading this!

    • Thank you, Connie! I’m so glad you enjoyed it. I wish we could go there together in person on this cold January day, but since we can’t, imagination is a great substitute. Thanks for being with us here!

  4. I like the smaller house. Very cozy, And I love screened in porches.

    • Yes, I feel the same way; I love the “cozy cottage” vibe. I was fortunate to grow up in a home with a screened porch (complete with metal roof that made lovely noise when it rained). Among my favorite childhood memories are the times we would be enjoying ice-cold watermelon on a hot summer day on that screened porch. I seldom see such porches on newer homes, perhaps because we all are too spoiled by air conditioning.

  5. Thanks so much for this get- away, Julia!

    • You’re welcome– so glad you could come along!

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