Embracing winter

Snow to shovel? Remember, it could be worse! This is Drew at Crater Lake, Oregon, in June (yes, June) 2000.

Snow to shovel? Remember, it could be worse!
This is Drew at Crater Lake, Oregon, in June (yes, June) 2000.

“Enduring winter is only a start– embracing winter is what you should strive for.  Winter gives a sense of purpose and saves one from a life of hedonistic self-gratification, lying around on a palm-shaded patio nibbling ladyfingers and posting selfies on Facebook.  You have promises to keep.  Miles to go before you sleep.  Also, a sidewalk to shovel.”
Garrison Keillor

Keillor speaks of winter with an authority that could come only from a native of someplace such as Minnesota.  I will gladly defer to his expertise, but take it from a southern girl: embracing winter is overrated.  Icy weather is totally optional for coziness. You can enjoy tea, coffee, hot cocoa and a toasty warm fire in forty-degree weather!

We all have our sidewalks to shovel, though, figuratively or literally.  I appreciate Keillor’s not-so-subtle reminder that life has seasons, and few of them are easy.  If you’re facing snowstorms, ice, gloomy drizzle or a to-do list that would overwhelm Martha Stewart, I wish you the fortitude and courage to embrace this January day.  I’ll close with another quote from Keillor:  “Most important, keep repeating the words: It could be worse.”

Pass me the ladyfingers!

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  1. mickey

    Oh, I love the photo! I have been there … in summer , and the snow IS this high … me and my sisters even stood on top of it, not a very wise thing to do! However the parents were there to dig us out. I agree with Garrison Keillors words. Winter is amazing, and just think of all that is waiting to burst out after the long, cold sleep!

    • Mickey, isn’t that summer snow simply astounding? I count it one of the greatest wonders in a world that is chock-full of amazing things. I shall never forget driving a short distance from sunny weather into the most snow I had ever seen…and then just as quickly out of it when we left the next day, returning to the summer sunshine. What an experience! I’m glad you and your sisters were able to enjoy it as your parents stood by to keep an eye on you. I’m looking forward to “all that is waiting to burst out” this springtime, but for now, I remind myself to enjoy the cozy retreat of winter, with no lawn and garden work to worry about. Thanks for being here!

  2. Ha! We are having a heatwave here in Minnesota today – it’s well above zero! Yesterday was 7 below, when I left the house to go for my swim, the snow beneath my feet crunching loudly as it does in sub-zero temperatures. I wore my face mask as an extra layer of warmth. They do protect better than even my scarf or neck gaiters.
    Sending you and Matt love – from chilly Minnesota!

    • Susan, as I said in an earlier comment, you are welcome to come see us and enjoy the “warmth” of 30 and 40 degree temperatures! 😀 Thanks for reminding me that I am a true coward when it comes to the cold. I’ve been skipping my walks, even on sunny days, due to the frigid weather, and I don’t think it’s an accident that I’ve not slept as well since I stopped getting my exercise. Perhaps I should give myself a “it could be worse” pep talk each day!

      • Judy

        Pep talk here — we’re not in Boston awaiting the ‘bomb cyclone’ snowstorm coming soon!

        • 😀 😀 😀

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