After all

Angels home game, Edison Field, April 2003

Angels home game, Edison Field, April 2003

Though we know
everything is bounded
by time,
there is, after all,
in which time has its function,
but does not rule.

— from the poem “National Pastime by Bill Mayer

Break free of time today, or sometime soon, even if only for a few minutes.  A baseball park is an ideal place to do that — little league, high school, AAA, even a deserted lot with aging wooden bleachers.  If you can’t go to a diamond in person, go there in your mind, perhaps via the poem linked above, ably read by Garrison Keillor.

“Time has its function, but does not rule.”  Among many other lessons it teaches us, this is perhaps baseball’s finest truth.

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  1. I love baseball and it was always a common thread for me and Ron through the years. He was from St. Louis but also loved the Yankee players like Yogi Berra who was also from St. Louis! Love you and pray you are getting better dear friend! Hugs to you and Matt!🛐❤🛐

    • Thank you Cherie! I didn’t realize Yogi Berra was from St. Lous, but it makes perfect sense. When I think of St. Louis baseball, I think first of the great Lou Brock, because I love base stealing! Thanks so much for your prayers. I am gradually getting better and/or learning coping strategies for this “new normal.” Bone grafting is supposed to happen in August, followed by 6 months of healing before the next step. If nothing else, I’m learning MORE patience! 😀

  2. A great pass time like most sports. If only the owners would have the good sense to stay out of the politics.

    • Alan, I couldn’t agree more! There is so much inconsistency and hypocrisy and virtue-signaling. Repugnant.

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