Created for the transcendent

Jeff relaxes while appreciating the beauty of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, June 2015.

Jeff enjoying the beauty of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, June 2015

“We were made to enjoy music, to enjoy beautiful sunsets, to enjoy looking at the billows of the sea and to be thrilled with a rose that is bedecked with dew…Human beings are actually created for the transcendent, for the sublime, for the beautiful, for the truthful…and all of us are given the task of trying to make this world a little more hospitable to these beautiful things.” Desmond Tutu

The more I understand the great truth of Bishop Tutu’s statement, the more I understand and like other people.  One thing I’ve loved most about blogging is the way it has opened my eyes to how many people in the world share common joys and observations about the blessings that surround us in this world, however dismal the news may be.  When we look at beautiful things together and share our appreciation, it connects us to each other.

I encourage you to spread happiness by sharing your joy with others.  It doesn’t have to be in a blog or book or song or painting; it can be a casual remark to a cashier or mail carrier or person waiting with you at the bus stop.  Most of us love to hear someone else making a cheerful remark about the weather or the colorful flowers or anything else worthy of praise, even (and maybe especially) when we are feeling down ourselves.

What are some ways we can make this world a bit more hospitable to these beautiful things?

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  1. Judy

    Sometimes I like to go back into your original post so that I can read the comments. When I did that today, I found the link to your photo of an ‘appreciation card’ that you use to add a smile to the day for someone working where you were a customer. What a sweet idea! I took a screen shot of your card and I will make something similar on cardstock to give to people, too. Julia, I get the most wonderful ideas from your postings and the comments they generate!

    Loved the photo of Jeff absorbing the peaceful beauty of Lancaster County. When I was watering the petunias a little while ago this morning, a horse and buggy went past our house. The driver and I waved at each other. Yesterday in my car I passed two Amish teenage girls riding horseback on the road, something I have never seen before. The Amish around us are seldom seen riding horses, just use their horses to pull buggies or wagons. The girls were smiling and looked like they were having a very good time. Seeing them made me smile too.

    • Judy, thank you for sharing these glimpses with us. These are scenes most of us don’t get to experience. One thing we loved about Lancaster County is that peaceful environment, which must surely be due at least in part to the influence of so many people– Amish and otherwise– who live reverent lives surrounded by natural and homespun beauty. BTW I have plans in the not-too-distant future, to visit the Amish country in Ohio (just over the WVA border) as part of a trip I’m planning to meet a friend who is visiting her mother near there. Of course I will think of you while I’m there! As always, I appreciate your thoughtful comments and encouragement here.

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