People at Pigeon Point Beach -- and all over the world -- love to watch the sea. Tobago, March 2010

People at Pigeon Point Beach — and all over the world — love to watch the sea.
Tobago, March 2010

The land may vary more;
But wherever the truth may be—
The water comes ashore,
And the people look at the sea.  Robert Frost

I haven’t been to the seashore in awhile, and I’m missing it.  Carla, Matt and I enjoyed a late breakfast at the Belvedere recently, but we didn’t have enough time to get out on the beach. I actually enjoy the beach more when it isn’t so hot outside, but something about summer seems to call for gazing out at the ocean.  Since I’m not planning to go there in person, I can visit in my mind, and as a bonus, I’ll be avoiding the crowds and sunburn and sand in my shoes.

Want a quick break?  Join me for some virtual beach therapy.  We can watch the waves in Melbourne, Florida:

Or meditate to the mesmerizing surf on the rocky California coast:

Or catch the sunset at the beach pictured above, Pigeon Point in Tobago:

OK, I guess it’s time to get back to work…Sheila, I’ll join you for our imaginary meeting at Club Verandah (aka Chez Vann) this evening to enjoy your ocean views! Have the iced tea ready, and I’ll bring some freezing-cold watermelon.  Sorry, Raynard’s chocolate/coffee/caramel cake is all gone now!

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  1. Good morning, Julia! I just love this.
    I am looking at the possibility of finally moving from Minnesota, and finding a place with a view of the sea! Is such an enticing possibility. There are some more affordable locations in Connecticut, Florida, and maybe North Carolina. Virginia Beach is also appealing, and occasionally a bargain comes on the market.

    • Susan, I think you would do well to swap any of those places for Minnesota, unless you moved farther from the city (MSP). If Matt’s disability services didn’t keep us here (waitlists are 10 years or more everywhere) I probably would move to North Carolina or Tennessee. Truthfully, I’ve never been crazy about Virginia Beach, even when I was in school there.

      • How interesting. What parts of North Carolina and Tennessee draw you?

        • Tennessee, as those who love the state can tell you, is really three states (much like California): West, Middle, and East. Some of my happiest memories are from Memphis (West Tennessee)– but also some of my worst ones. East Tennessee wins the beauty contest. But Middle Tennessee is where I lived six years, where Jeff came from (and where we met at college, and married), and where I now am seriously thinking of buying a second home, somewhere just south of Franklin. North Carolina, especially the Charlotte area, reminds me a lot of the Atlanta I grew up in…which is very different from the Atlanta that is there now. Of all the states, North Carolina is the one that seems closest to the vibe of the metro area where I had such a happy start to life. So, my fondness for both states is all bound up in happy memories. It might not be the same for you…but then again, maybe it would.

          • Just the word “Memphis” is appealing to me m it sounds like softness and warmth, with a relaxed, skip-the-hustle vibe.
            I’ve never spent any time in Memphis.
            I do think Tennessee is pretty. I drove through much of it on our last family vacation before my oldest left home. We stayed with some very sweet friends of my parents, before waking to a must morning to start our drive up the Blue Ridge toward DC.
            Patrick’s mom was from North Carolina. I think Albemarle. I think feels about that area in a similar manner to how you feel about Memphis.
            It sounds like I should get to know that part of the country better!

            • Yes, I’m proud to have spent so many years as a Tennessean. And North Carolina is equally lovely. There is so much to enjoy about living in either state.

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