A logic all their own

I can't help but feel hopeful when I walk past this scene to the mailbox each day. Our Alexandria neighborhood, May 2015

I can’t help but feel hopeful when I walk past this scene to the mailbox each day.
Our Alexandria neighborhood, May 2015

“Summers had a logic all their own and they always brought something out in me…they made me want to believe.”  — Benjamin Alire Sáenz

As incredible as it seems to me, the summer is already beginning to wind down.  The days are getting shorter and there have been a few touches of cool weather here and there that remind me it won’t always be hot, or even warm.

I always see the end of summer with mixed emotions, don’t you?  I can’t remember a summer that didn’t seem unusually short.  I don’t think of it as my favorite season, but the words quoted above definitely struck a chord with me.  Summer does have its own agenda, and part of it shouts to me: “SLOW DOWN and take it easy!” no matter how much activity I try to cram into its three-month duration.

Summer makes me want to believe that good things are possible.  Children are playing outside, the ice cream truck joins the birds in sending musical notes into the air, and the evenings find neighbors sitting on their porches or decks, or walking their dogs in the cool of those wonderfully shady hours just before the sunlight disappears altogether.  Watering the plants, weeding and tending the lawn take precedence over staying indoors cooking, cleaning or working on homework with the kids.  The exposure to daylight really does boost our moods, or at least it seems to do that for me.

What are your plans for the remainder of the summer?  I hope that your travels and other urgent activities are mostly behind you, so you can take your time to relish the warm early mornings and cool evenings for a few more weeks.  What does the summer bring out in you?

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  1. Carol Hoyos

    Dear Julia, If I’m not mistaken I remember that some important reconstruction work was going to begin in August. It seemed so far away at the time, but like time, it marches or flies on and often plays tricks on us while doing so. I’m reading August 2013 posts from the archive and it’s been long enough that they seem anew. As I read these these posts when your family was in the throughs of dealing with cancer I pray for your present circumstances, consequences due to your fall. 🙏🏻 ch

    • Carol, thank you for remembering. Yes, the surgery was last Tuesday. Let’s just say I’m glad I had no idea how bad it would be, and how long the healing will be. I’m still in a lot of pain, and of course, since it’s all in my mouth, it effects so much– eating, breathing, talking…in any case, I appreciate your thinking of me! I’ve been feeling pretty sorry for myself. I’m so glad you are re-reading the posts! I myself have forgotten about most of them. And since I wrote them mostly to give myself pep talks, it’s kind of good for me to re-read them…though it often hurts, too, since so much more has been lost in the past 7 years. Thanks so much for your prayers, and for still being here with me! My longtime readers have a very special place in my heart. ❤

  2. His morning, Julia! I am off to end the summer in New England, visiting the ocean and friends. I’m very excited about this trip, as it feels as if it’s been a long time since I’ve been there.
    Another summer has come and gone, and I haven’t replaced my windows, since I’ve been considering moving. But now, if I don’t move out, I’ll have another cold winter with plastic covering the windows.
    Summer whiz by too fast!

    • But just think, if you move south, your summers will be longer! 😀

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