You have to be a child

Jeff and Matt Dec 24 2002 SFO

Jeff and Matt at FAO Schwarz on Christmas Eve 2002, San Francisco

“You have to be a child to know how wonderful is a store window filled with dolls and sleds and other toys.  And this wonder came free to Francie.  It was nearly as good as actually having the toys to be permitted to look at them through the glass window.” Betty Smith, in A Tree Grows in Brooklyn

There is more than a little of the child I was, still very much alive inside me.  Perhaps that explains my sheer delight in the Christmas season.  Like Francie in Smith’s wonderful tale, I enjoy looking at things as much or more than I enjoy owning them.  During this season, I wish you the unlimited enchantment of looking at colorful displays and capitvating objects with a joy unrelated to any desire to own them.


  1. So right on! Anyone who enjoys the magic of the Christmas season has to return to their childhood in some respects. Enjoy the scenes of Christmas this year!!!! Thank you!

    • Carla, no matter how bleak my personal landscape may be, there is always a part of me that is reached by the special magic of this season. And I think it’s the child-like part!

  2. Isn’t it a welcome respite to see such beautiful (in most cases) decorations?! And as to the Christmas season itself… Don’t we all “need a little Christmas…right this very minute?” “I say God bless it!”

    • Carla, I couldn’t agree more!


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