Like of each thing

Pasha watching the snow fall at Christmas time, Alexandria, Virginia 2010

Pasha watching the snow fall at Christmas time, Alexandria, Virginia 2010

“At Christmas I no more desire a rose
Than wish a snow in May’s new-fangled mirth;
But like of each thing that in season grows.”
William Shakespeare

When we moved to Virginia from California, I missed having roses in December.  Yet I was happy to be living once again in a climate similar to that of my home town, where each season brings its familiar but ever-fresh charms.  Wherever you are living, whatever your weather, I hope you will be gladdened today by the natural adornments of the season.


  1. My sentiments exactly. Winter/Christmastime should have its appropriate weather! I love the coziness of a nice warm house (preferably a fire in the fireplace) on a cold Winter’s day. I even love the exhilaration I feel when the cold hits my face when I first go outside.
    What an absolutely beautiful picture. It should be on a Christmas card!
    Enjoy the season!

    • Carla, actually we did use a similar photo of Pasha on some of our Christmas cards this year. I’m glad you liked it!

  2. MaryAnn

    Julia, your photos speak volumes about your love of the beauty God provides for us everyday! Thank you for encouraging me thru this medium. Currently, I am greatly enjoying watching small finches at the backyard bird feeder. My grandson, Aaric, & I bought it in 2005. This is the largest flock of any birds at one time! Amazing to watch them flit around the trees and back to the birdfeeder!

    • Mary Ann, thanks for sharing your thoughts (and your cute birds) with us. It’s wonderful to see you here.

  3. We’ve now enjoyed 4 mild days in a row and with that I’ve been out doing all my last minute shopping. Michaels had Christmas wrap and all things Christmas related on 70 % off, that’s a good enough reason to stand in line for 35 minutes isn’t it ? I always get in the wrong lineup. One lady was at the till for over 10 minutes. I have no idea why, we all just had to be patient because after you wait 7 or 8 minutes, you aren’t going to just leave.

    I’d much rather just be at home though, especially with a sweetie pie like Pasha and enjoy watching him enjoy watching out 😀 Birdies perhaps? Or company coming up the walk? A wagging tail is just
    the best thing to come home to xK

    • Any day now I’m expecting a call from Michael’s wondering where in the world I have been this year. I think I help them offload a huge quantity of their 70% off merchandise each year. The nice thing about staying home is you can do stuff with what you bought 5 years ago, instead of buying more. Buying craft supplies is the closest thing (outside of tea) to an addiction I have, I think. That wagging tail (or in Pasha’s case, a wagging stump – since part of the Schipperke breed standard is a short docked tail!) is a wonderful thing to come home to. Maybe sometime in the future…


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