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I photographed this antique postcard in September, 2013, at the Museum of the Albemarle, Elizabeth City, NC, The Museum's "Steeped in Time: Tea and Traditions" exhibit runs through August 2015.

I photographed this antique postcard in September, 2013,
at the Museum of the Albemarle, Elizabeth City, NC,
The Museum’s “Steeped in Time: Tea and Traditions” exhibit runs through August 2015.

“The most trying hours in life are between four o’clock and the evening meal. A cup of tea at this time adds a lot of comfort and happiness.”Royal S. Copeland

I don’t know about you, but I agree with Copeland that late afternoon is the most difficult time of the day.  By four p.m., I’ve usually dealt with at least one frustrating situation during the day, and maybe several more are still unresolved.  The dinner hour is creeping up and I may not be finished with everything else I hoped to accomplish before then.  As if to add insult to injury, the phone and/or doorbell starts to ring with junk calls and sales people who hope to catch us at home.  GET ME OUT OF HERE!  A cup of tea sounds like just the ticket.

For you, the most trying hours may be at a different time of day, and you may find more solace in coffee, a quick snack or a few minutes with the newspaper or favorite music.  Or perhaps stealing outdoors for some uninterrupted quiet would be a welcome relief.

I’ve read time management experts who suggest planning schedules with our daily low points in mind, avoiding those tasks that are likely to be difficult during the hours we aren’t at our best.  I’ll add, with Copeland, that we might want to put a short break on our to-do list for that time each day.  It might not always be possible to excuse ourselves from the stress when things are worst, but it’s a worthy goal.  I hereby grant you permission to schedule a 15 minute break for whatever time you can manage and most need it.

What simple but special treat can you give yourself to look forward to today?

One year ago today:

Any tea


  1. Julia…good morning. And thank you for permission to take a 15 minute break!! A cup of tea is just the pick me up! 🙂
    Enjoy your day.

    • Merry, I hope you enjoyed your break! I took longer than usual to get going this morning, so I just took it easy on myself and drank lots of tea. 😀 Way more than 15 minutes for me today, but hey, who’s counting?

  2. Good morning, Julia. I often say, “I hit the floor running!” but since I don’t run very much or certainly not very fast, I may have to rethink that. 🙂 I have a structured morning routine that varies little. Bill and I enjoy a cup of coffee, I fix his breakfast, ALWAYS make our bed, often start the laundry, send Bill on his way and by 8:00 I enjoy sitting down for “java and me”! I suppose I can reveal that this is my new RETIREMENT schedule. Thank you again for your email! 🙂 How is Matt doing now? I have a puzzle to send him if he won’t mind that it’s been put together once. 🙂

    • Sheila, your retirement schedule sounds wonderful to me. I too always make the bed; something about it helps me wake up, get going and feel as if the day is on track. It really, really bugs me to walk into the room with the bed unmade. Thanks for asking about Matt; he seems to be doing OK and I think he enjoys his new program so far. How sweet about the puzzle – he won’t mind it having been worked, as he works his over and over. He even has a few that he still works with a piece or two missing. It’s very calming for him, and a nice alternative to TV. In fact, he actually prefers it over TV, as long as we stream WHRO (the Norfolk classical public radio station) for him to listen to.

    • Congratulations on retirement, Sheila! If you’re like me, you will stay so busy you will wonder how you EVER found the time to go to work 😉

      • It sounds wonderful. I know you will both join me in praying that Jeff and I are able to enjoy retirement together for many years.

        • Julia, I do pray for that time together after the many years of work and accomplishments, and the health challenges of recent years. Your life together is a good life. I admire you so!

          • Thank you Sheila, I appreciate your kindness so much. We all long to be appreciated, regardless of whether we feel inside that we really deserve it or not. We so appreciate your prayers!

      • Thank you, Eric. It does seems busy, and right now I’m trying to keep it of my own choosing. I’m just making our home the priority and it feels like my “neglected mansion” ……the little cottage by the sea. 🙂

        • Sheila, I hope you know how much I enjoy imagining you happily “puttering away” (as I describe my fun times at home) in your cottage by the sea! Just living by the ocean is such a fantasy in my mind. With your seaside home, Eric’s mountain hideaway, Boomdee’s picturesque new house in Canada, Alys’ “gardening nirvana” in California, Jena’s Alaska abode, Dani’s lovely Australian garden, Pauline’s studio in New Zealand, and the gorgeous Pacific northwest region where Michael and Bob live — and this is to name only a few, there are too many to name here — I have regular cyber-visits all over the world! This blog has been a real adventure for me. THANKS so much for being here to bring me the ocean!

        • Anon E. Moose

          Sounds so neat, Sheila! Almost like Longfellow’s “kingdom by the sea” (Evangeline).

  3. Did you intend to include a 31 second video ad for “Swash”? It appeared, just like the little bear video did, but just below the yellow words “One year ago today”. (Just knew you’d like to check into this.)

    • Those ads are from WordPress, as part of the trade-off for their site being free (see my comment under “Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain” in the sidebar) and if that’s the first time you’ve seen one, it’s lucky. People who are signed into WordPress are not supposed to see them, but everyone else supposedly does. I have debated with myself about paying to have the blog ad-free, but I settled for the posted disclaimer at the side. On today’s post, the ads should be below the words “Any tea” – if not, there is something haywire as they are meant to be posted beneath my content, not in the middle of it. Thanks for letting me know. BTW I don’t know what “Swash” is but I hope it’s nothing I would find disgusting.

      • No, I really enjoyed the ad (Swash is a single garment freshen-up,andde-wrinkle apparatus.)

        • Well, THAT’s a relief. Let me know if you see any ads for “Whispering Branches” or any of its derivations. 😀

          • Anon E. Moose


  4. My daily simple treat, besides prayer time: is being with you guys.

    • Aw, thank you Alan! That is so sweet.

  5. Amy

    I love the postcard. That little saying is so true and I love a cup of tea. Hope all is well. Love ya.

    • Amy, it’s been quite a week – as I’m sure it has been for you too! How are you feeling? I have been hitting the tea even more than usual today, what with the rain and all the other annoyances. Though for the past few hours, I’ve been drinking Mma. Ramotswe’s favorite, Red Bush Tea (Rooibos) so as not to take in too much caffeine. Thinking of you!

      • Rainy days make a cup of hot herbal tea even better!

        • Absolutely! and yesterday proved that for me. It’s not raining today, but just gloomy enough so far that I will still keep the teacup handy…

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