I still hear the sound

Flowers on display at an Istanbul market, 2008

Flowers on display at an Istanbul market, 2008

“The temple bell stops but I still hear the sound coming out of the flowers.”Basho

At the beginning of February, it’s good to look forward to the coming of spring.  It has been awhile since I’ve seen this many flowers at one time, but thoughts of them linger and build anticipation that will have me out gardening in a few weeks.  Whether you are lucky enough to have flowers blooming at this time of year, or can only see them in photographs or memory for now, I hope your day is filled with the wonderful music of flowers!

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  1. mike

    My son bought me a little hydroponic seed starter kit for XMAS . I just set it up within a one quart jar. It is from a place called” modern sprout.” Last Saturday – the 8th was the garden club “Cherokee country master gardeners, “meeting on the topic of Edible landscape. It was cancelled due to —snow! I did not get the message and drove out into the blizzard. As i drove to Hickory Flat library, the snow increased and when I got to the parking lot there was about three inches on the lot. Pretty slippery. There was no one there! A sign on the door said, “Closed due to inclement weather.” Being from the Northwest perhaps the amount of snow seemed- not so bad.Still. Then they cancelled church. I got the e-mail for that from our senior ministries leader- Melanie.
    The senior group is called the “Sonshiners.” They go on lots of trip.
    My first garden meeting of the year- snowed out. I think Norah and JoJo had fun in it.

    • That’s actually a lot of snow for the Atlanta area. I don’t hear from or about Atlanta at all anymore so I didn’t know about that particular storm. How is your hydroponic seed project going? Not too long before he died, Daddy used to have some hydroponic planters and the plants in them grew like crazy, lush and beautiful, but I don’t know whether they ever got anything much to eat out of the project.

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