A Little Nonsense

Pluto clowns with Matt at Walt Disney World in Florida, 2004

Pluto clowns with Matt at Walt Disney World in Florida, 2004

“A little nonsense now and then is relished by the wisest men.”Joseph Addison

Happy April Fool’s Day! Laughter is one of the greatest gifts we can give ourselves or others.  I hope you will indulge in some light-hearted fun today — look up a joke or two to share, sing silly songs, watch a funny movie with someone who needs to lighten up — but if you want to fool anyone, please keep your pranks kind and sensitive.  And if anyone comes to you today with an unlikely tale of woe or unbelievable good news, think twice before you believe it! 🙂

Let’s share some humor with each other today.  Do you have a link to a funny YouTube video, a favorite online joke or a hilarious photo?  If so, please post it in the comments here and let’s laugh together.  I wish you a day full of fun!

Here is one of my favorite “viral videos” – I hope you get a laugh or a smile out of it!
(It’s only 35 seconds long.)

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  1. MaryAnn

    LOVE the smile on our Matt’s face!

    • He inherited that megawatt smile from his father, and from mine too. Having nice teeth helps. Jeff and Daddy got theirs naturally, but Matt had to endure 3 years of orthodontics followed by maxillofacial surgery (which I think was harder on him than the open heart surgeries) to end up with those nice teeth. So naturally I work very hard to help him take care of them. ❤

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