Forgetting where you put it

Miss Piggy approves of fruit, properly prepared, as a healthy dessert choice. Dig in! Photo by Garry Knight via Wikimedia Commons, CC BY-SA 2.0

Miss Piggy approves of fruit, properly prepared, as a healthy dessert choice. Dig in!
Photo by Garry Knight via Wikimedia Commons, CC BY-SA 2.0

“Moi does not recommend dieting. The only way you can lose weight is the same way you lose anything – by forgetting where you put it…A very common oversight in most weight-limitation programs is to pay excessive attention to the calories you consume rather than to the enormous numbers of calories you routinely avoid…You can eliminate a lot of calories by entirely cutting out things you hate.”Miss Piggy

One year ago I posted about various aspects of physical health, including dieting.  This year, I thought I would lighten things up a bit (no pun intended) with some dieting advice from that icon of perfection, Miss Piggy.  As anyone familiar with her can confirm, Miss Piggy never has to worry about defeating despair.  That task is delegated to those who have to put up with her!

Nonetheless, I must admit that I have unintentionally tried all of the tactics she suggests, and I find the last one to be the best approach for me.  I no longer eat anything I don’t absolutely love, unless it’s so healthy for me that I can use it to earn indulgences in something that’s so full of sugar, fat or salt as to be borderline toxic.

Do you have any dietary tips of which Miss Piggy would approve?  Feel free to share them here.  And remember one of her most famous maxims: “Never eat more than you can lift.”

One year ago today:

Our gardens — our wills


  1. HarryS

    I wouda rote it down but I forgot where I put my pencil. — Doc Vinson

    • Harry, no problem! Just whip out your smart phone or MP3 player and make a recorded note (which will probably be much harder to find later than a small scrap of paper). 😀

  2. jocelynpantaleon

    Interesting point, Miss Piggy! “A very common oversight in most weight-limitation programs is to pay excessive attention to the calories you consume rather than to the enormous numbers of calories you routinely avoid.” Well said and I do agree with you. Dieting actually becomes a burden for most people because they kept on counting their caloric intake until it becomes too tiresome to count anymore.

    • Jocelyn, just today I have avoided thousands of calories by NOT eating any meat, cheese, cookies or pie! Plus as a teetotaler who drinks mostly unsweetened tea and water, I avoid lots of calories in alcohol and soft drinks too. Seriously, I have never really counted calories, though I do try to have a rough idea of how much I take in vs. how much I burn. My Fitbit has been a rude awakening in that respect; I had not realize how few calories I burn in a day, even with walking at least 2-3 miles most days! I am convinced the only way to beat weight gain (particularly at my age, 58 this year) is to re-condition how I think about almost everything. Miss Piggy is right about that, though I hope to make some tweaks to her recommendations! 😀 Thanks for being here, and for your comment.

  3. Julia, I heard years ago that a good exercise to practice is the “push back”. Just push back from the table and your plate and seconds, I suppose! We tend to eat smaller portions than most, which earns us a dessert if we’d like. 🙂 Also, we enjoy delicious bread even more in a restaurant since we eat little bread at home. The most fabulous calorie-laden dessert that I LIFTED all summer was a Peach Cake with brown sugar layers and cream cheese frosting. It’s a summer special at Kudzu Bakery in Pawleys Island. I thought you’d love that southern name! My Verandah would welcome some sunbeams today!

    • Sheila, a few years ago I read a wonderful book called Mindless Eating that was a real eye-opener. One of the things it talks about is how research shows that we end up eating less if we take smaller portions, even if we allow ourselves seconds and thirds. Now I use a salad plate in place of a dinner plate most of the time, though often I do end up going back for more. I’m not too great at pushing back from the table, but Jeff and Matt are, so I tend to not want to sit there by myself. 😀 The Kudzu Bakery is an inspired name! I have a great shot of the canyons of Kudzu behind our townhome that I hope to post here sometime. It’s hard to imagine that stuff unless you have seen it. I’ll bring the sunshine to your Verandah if you will have some of that Peach Cake ready — with tea — unsweetened tea, of course, hee-hee.

  4. Eat anything your heart desires. Just remember: Eat to live, don’t live to eat.

    • Alan, that simple principle has been very helpful to me, as Jeff and I both tended to fall into the “live to eat” habit. People who are fortunate enough to be surrounded with the abundance most of us enjoy in this country can easily forget that food is fuel, not recreation — though it can be linked to recreation when combined with good fellowship and conversation. Since Jeff has been on chemo, one thing I have really missed is how we used to enjoy “pigging out” together. Now that he is not able to eat or enjoy food nearly as much as he used to, I find it easier to eat less as well. One of the good things to come out of the troubles of the past two years is that we are both learning to “eat to live” which is a valuable lesson!

      • Julia, Just a note. My recent comments seem to not be getting through. Not sure if its on my end or yours.

        • Alan, I just now got this one with all the others that were in the spam filter. In nearly two years, this is the first time that’s ever happened. I’m glad I decided to check the spam filter, because it’s been a long time since a non-spam comment got caught there. Sorry for the delay – hopefully better late than never.

  5. LOL, that’s the best quote I’ve heard about dieting. I’ve not lost any weight for months, but really need to. I can’t fit comfortably into my winter cloths, ugh. Not to mention 5 minutes ago a ate a mini bag of popcorn curtesy of Mr B. I washed it down with some sparkly wine. So this whole dieting thing seems to be a forgotten concept on my home front. Help, I am spineless when it comes to treats lately. Why do they have to taste so yummy :/ BTW, those cakes look like works of art 😀

    • Well at least it was a MINI bag of popcorn – that’s more than I can say for the bag I ate today! I too have been spineless about food lately. I have that problem every year at this time; when the weather turns cooler, my appetite goes crazy — survival instincts left over from past generations when people didn’t get enough to eat, obviously. Or maybe storing fuel in the form of fat to burn to keep warm in winter. 😀 Maybe that’s why Thanksgiving falls in autumn? Besides the abundance of the harvest? I refuse to get bigger clothes because they are my only real incentive to keep a limit on the weight gain. I love buttercream frosting roses — you can have the cake if I get to eat the icing flowers!

      • GADS ! Julia, no one I’ve ever met eats the icing roses, LOL. I have no problem making that deal, I prefer my cakes un-iced…naked !! LOL

        • Not even the little kids? WOW, you must run in different circles than I do. 😀 Sometimes I will tactfully leave the icing roses to others if they claim them first, but make up for it in the frosting swirls on the sides. Let’s just say I have never thrown away a cake plate without cleaning up the remaining traces of icing — and I don’t mean with a sponge! I could easily eat frosting from the can if I did not know how bad it was for me.

  6. raynard

    Julia my wife and I this past weekend got as a gift free tickets to a local festival. They had some much food tasting that ‘ I felt fatted like the Nutty Professor( Eddie Murphy version). Least I never got kicked out of a all you can eat buffet lol. be blessed

    • Raynard, don’t you just love those food festivals? When Jeff and I lived in Memphis we used to love to go to the Barbeque contest on the river (at Memphis in May) – it gave a whole new meaning to the term “Pig Out.” It is my ambition to one day attend a chocolate festival. Maybe they have one in Hershey PA and we can plan our trip accordingly. Jeff and I have never been kicked out of an all you can eat buffet, but we have sometimes wondered whether they raised their prices after we left.

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