The true traveler

Jeff, Matt and Drew strolling in Philadelphia, July 2007

Jeff, Matt and Drew strolling in Philadelphia, July 2007

“The true traveler is he who goes on foot, and even then, he sits down a lot of the time.” Colette

Of all the reasons I love walking, travel may be the most lasting.  I have done a good bit of traveling since I was a girl, and as far back as I can remember, the most remarkable things I saw were seen on foot and not through the window of a tour bus.  I am fascinated by the accounts of those who traverse a country or even a continent on foot.  I think it would be wonderful to have that much time to simply take in new surroundings every day.

Of course, as Colette points out, part of the secret lies in taking the time.  Very few of us will be able to spend a month or even a week traveling on foot, but I encourage you to experiment with walking at times you might normally drive or ride.  You’ll see things in a whole new way, and you might even find interesting discoveries that await, now unknown to you, just outside your front door, down your street or in your home town.

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  1. Lydia

    Well, that was my plan today: to start walking again and as soon I was ready, the rain started. I love to walk in my neighborhood and look at the different flowers, ornaments and arrangements that make it unique. My daughter walks 3-4 miles a day with her dogs. My son walks/runs 5 miles a day with his two little daughters on a stroller. We love the outdoors. And I love the indoors also, where I can read on my iPhone. So appreciative of our library which provides Libby. Have a wonderful day, Julia.

    • Lydia, have you tried audiobooks while walking? I finally realized that 1. for safety reasons, I should take my cell phone with me on my walks, and 2. I can listen to my audiobooks on my cell phone as easily as I can on my iPod or MP3 player! I totally love the Libby app but I use it only for the audiobooks. Other similar library-based free programs I enjoy are RBDigital (which has audiobooks plus ebooks and well over 100 magazines) Hoopla (which has lots of good movies and ebooks and audiobooks) and Kanopy, which has a ton of movies and includes many classics and foreign films that aren’t readily available elsewhere. Different libraries have different offerings, so that’s why I use so many different libraries. A lot of public libraries will give a card to anyone from that state or region, and if you’re using digital resources, it’s no disadvantage to be a long drive away. Once you get the card, you’re set. Happy reading! And walking!

  2. steve_c_bodiford

    I can always observe a scene be it on television, movies, cable, or pictures. Only my feet can carry me to the reality of the experience. Thank you for this multi-dimensional lesson Julia! It both reminds and inspires one to get up and go 🙂

    • Thanks Steve. You’re right; there’s nothing quite like actually being there, is there? Take care of yourself and stay well! 🙂

  3. Good morning, Julia!
    Yesterday, I took my first substantial walk in several months! It sure did feel good, and I can understand what you’ve written about the benefits of walking every day.
    I really enjoy walking to Trader Joe’s, which is about a mile from home. The route takes me through a park and over a little creek. During Covid, when we’ve been encouraged to shop as infrequently as possible, I need my car so that I can haul my purchases. Hopefully a time will come when I can resume that small traveling (walking) indulgence.

    • Oh my, what I wouldn’t give to be in walking distance of a Trader Joe’s! I started campaigning for one to be built here when they open the town center on the river (1/2 mile from my door) but apparently the chances are slim to none; TJs is VERY selective where they put stores and nobody seems to know the rhyme or reason to how they decide. The developer told us we’re more likely to get a Sprouts store. Hey, have you thought of using a wheeled grocery cart so you can bring your purchases home? I totally loved being able to walk to the stores while we lived in Alexandria, and I would carry anything 10 pounds or less in my hands, all the way home (only about a mile or so).

      • Hi Julia,
        My friend, Darissa, and I each bought one when we went shopping at IKEA a few years back. We rented a place together in New Hampshire for a while. Although I used mine for groceries a couple of times, I ended up using it for laundry, instead. It was such a handy thing! I donated it when I left NH, but I’m sure I could use another, especially for that sort of shopping trip! Thanks for the link (the IKEA one was half that price, at the time, so maybe I will check there, too, although it’s been several years).
        Blessings on your day!

        • Hi Susan, I imagine that a rolling grocery cart is the sort of thing one would adapt to using and figure out which features were most helpful. This would guide which one to purchase the next time– what made it easier or harder to use, fold, store, etc. Ikea is usually good at figuring out such things in advance, but if one was looking for a particular feature (outside pockets? padded handle? bottom platform for weight? four wheels instead of two?) I think it would be worth paying more to get something one would use more often. Just my opinion since I’ve never owned one, but if they ever get this town center built near my home, I anticipate getting one.

  4. Raja Pillai

    I think it’s
    Most cheapest way…to explore your traveling.. experience😍

    • Raja, I agree! As with so much of life, the best blessings are often free or very inexpensive. Welcome to the comments section, and thank you for being here!

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