Produced in a garden

The St. John City Market, New Brunswick, Canada, September 2007

The St. John City Market, New Brunswick, Canada, September 2007

“For all things produced in a garden, whether of salads or fruits, a poor man will eat better that has one of his own, than a rich man that has none.”J. C. Loudon

We are now approaching the time of year when those of us just coming out of springtime will soon be able to enjoy fresh, locally grown produce.  As fortunate as we are to be able to buy almost anything we want shipped in year round, there’s nothing like eating something that was very recently harvested to add a new dimension to understanding the word “fresh.”

Ripe fruit has an appeal to me that rivals any confection, and when I keep it on hand, washed, sliced and ready to eat, I’m less tempted by cookies and ice cream.  Most vegetables are an acquired taste for me, as they may be for you, but corn on the cob, tomatoes and lima beans have always been among my favorite foods.  The first time I grew my own backyard tomato and tasted the difference between it and one from the supermarket, I remembered why I had loved the tomatoes that came from Mom’s garden.

How lucky that these earthy treats are also super-nutritious for us!  I wish for you a season of abundant, delicious produce, from your own garden, a market or a nearby roadside stand.  As Loudon knew, it’s an unparalleled form of wealth and health.

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